Walk4Water 2009 - where children raised $1185.49 for clean water in Malawi, Africa!

Words alone cannot describe how proud we are of these amazing & powerful children who walked this year.  These 37 kids FAR exceeded our goal of raising $1,000........our current Grand Total is $1185.49!    OUTSTANDING!!!  AMAZING!!!!  For the parents who donated on their children's behalf, for the friends and family who sponsored our walkers, and for the children who saved and gave from their own piggy banks.....we are so grateful.  Though the children and families that we seek to help are a world away, the contributions we've made are life - changing...often for us as well as for those in Africa!.   What a blessing to see our gifts go so far and do so much!  Thank you for 'walking' with us on this journey, as we join with neighbors, friends, and family to "Be The Change That We Want To See In This World."  It's worth repeating....We are stronger when we work together!
And since pictures are worth a thousand grateful words (and much better at telling our story than I am!), we thought we'd share this slideshow.    Looking GREAT!

Walk4Water 2009 Slideshow

Some of you have asked us how we got started on this journey.  To hear the Playpumps story that first inspired Walk4Water, view this incredible video from the PBS show Frontline/World (length 6:48):


To learn more about Playpumps International, visit:


To make a donation to Playpumps, visit the Walk4Water 2009 MalawiNOW team page:

And a GINORMOUS THANK YOU!!!   to all of our families and vendors who supported our fundraiser with raffle prizes, coupons, freebies, pretzels, nuggets, juice, water....and more!!!!   Please help us show our thanks by bringing your patronage to these neighborhood businesses!
Rita's Water Ice of Ziegerville
Chick-Fil-A of Royersford
Philly Soft Pretzel Factory of Harleysville
Applebee's Restaurant of Royersford
Trappe Book Center
Harleysville Savings Bank
Giant Supermarket of Upper Providence
Landis Supermarket of Harleysville (Vernfield)
California Tortilla of Upper Providence. 
We have been so blessed to share this event with you!!!!  On behalf of the thousands of children and families that you have brought clean water to.....THANK YOU!!!! 
The Kerwin Family

Some of the folks at the walk shared their answer to the following question....
How would you finish this sentence?
"When we all work together, ___________________."
Here are their answers!!
*"We help the Earth."    Genna Giammarco, Age 7
*"Something good happens."      Anonymous
*"We give "Power To The Pumps!"     Anonymous
*"We get the job done!"     Brianna Soucier, Age 10 1/2
*"Everybody has a smile!!"   Tammy Pham, Age 6
*"We make differences!."     Madison Bergman, Age 10
*"Work becomes play and fun!."  Anonymous
*"Everybody is happy!."    Kim-Van Pham, Age 9
*"When we all work together, we can do anything with God's help."  
from the Bible, Phillipians 4:13, shared by Leah Sone, Age 5
Great answers everyone - you are INSPIRATIONAL!!!! 
Some other quotes to inspire us.....
"No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted."  Aesop
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."   Anne Frank
"In this life, we cannot do great things...we can only do small things with GREAT LOVE."  Mother Teresa
......When one person inspires another person by telling their story!
We want to encourage you to go and .....Share about Playpumps!   Share about Teamwork!  Share your own Story!