Walid A Hassan
Post Doctoral (Lakehead University, ON, Canada) 2018
Engineering-in-Training, Saskatchewan, Canada 2018
Post Doctoral (University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia) 2017
Post Doctoral (
University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia) 2013
Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering (University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia) 2012
M.Eng Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication (University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia) 2009
BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Garyounis, Libya) 2006

Skype ID: iraqdream2012
e-mail: walid.a.hassan@ieee.org

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Head of Information Engineering Department (On Leave)
Basrah University College of Science and Technology
Director of Basrah Wireless Communication Research Lab. (BWCRL)

Currently, Dr. Walid is a postdoctoral fellow at t Lakehead University. Dr. Walid was a postdoctoral fellow in the wireless communication center in the University of technology Malaysia since May 2016 and in 2013. He joined the 5G research team and the research focus on the compatibility and spectrum sharing between 5G and other services. 
In 2013 he was the head Information Engineering department at Basrah University College of Science and Technology in Iraq. He was the founder of the engineering department. He did all the administrative and academic issue from scratch. He also established the first IEEE student branch in south Iraq to allow the engineering student to interact with IEEE. In 2015, he had established a wireless communication lab to continue his research in Iraq.
 . He obtained his Ph.D. from University Technology of Malaysia in 2012. He earned his Master’s degree from the faculty of engineering in 2009 from the same university. He obtained his BSc in Electrical Engineering from Benghazi University (formerly Garyounis University) Libya, in 2006. 

IEEE  Member #90285937
IEEE Communication Society member
IEEE Education Society member
IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society
IEEE Basra Student Branch Counselor

Dr. Walid research interests include Frequency spectrum management spectrum sharing method and cellular communication systems. 
Also, Dr. Walid undergraduate project includes Programmable logic device (PLD), FPGA. Verilog HDL language

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