Music Program

Worship is at the heart of congregational life for Presbyterians, and this is true at WPC!  Our worship directs attention to what God has done and to the claim that God makes upon human life. By lifting our voices in prayer and praise, joining in confession and being assured of God’s unending forgiveness, affirming our faith and hearing God’s Word proclaimed, we become truly the body of Christ that we understand as "church."


It doesn't take great voices to have a church choir; it takes average voices willing to do the best they can to praise a great God! Because this is true every follower of Christ BECOMES A CHOIR MEMBER who sings hymns (or attempts to), or prays or meditates when the prelude and offertory are offered. Our experiences worshipping God through music are times of discipleship that train and equip us for the span of eternity in which we shall joyously sing tributes of praise to the Worthy Lamb of God, our Christ and Redeemer!


The goal of WPC’s music program is to enhance our corporate worship with worthy musical offerings of prayer and praise in response to God's great love, making an important leadership contribution to the life of the church. In whatever forms that leadership may take there is a special responsibility: they are employed to pray with and on behalf of the congregation through introits, responses, and other musical forms, and provide leadership for musical offerings. And all of our offerings should be considered a form of prayer since words are not essential to prayer!


Our session provides for the regular offering of praises and prayers to God in song and is in oversight of those who lead worship through music, drama, dance, and other arts” (Book of Worship-1.4004 d, e, and j). They serve to ensure conformity with our reformed doctrine of worship. In a particular service of worship, though, our pastor is given the sole responsibility for the actual order of worship, the music to be sung, and the use of drama, dance, and other art forms. So I confer with the Pastor every other week to ensure that anthems and other musical selections are appropriate for the particular services. (W-1.4005 a4, a5 and b).


The music program at WPC is active and seeks to be creative, dynamic and a blessing to our congregation and community! Our Choir is rebuilding and becoming more confident and attuned to the ways in which it can help lead our fellowship, creating a means of lifting all of our hearts to God by way of ear and voice.


While WPC’s music style is historically traditional, we also occasionally use other styles and elements in our offerings (hand bells, spirituals, drama, etc.).  Our offerings will always arise from our own cultural and historical contexts, but also draw from other cultures and times when appropriate so that we may worship God “in spirit and truth” (John 4).


Our choir director/organist, Cecil Rigby, has an “open membership policy” for the choir program; the only requirement is a desire to praise God! If you want to enjoy the fellowship of our music program’s ministries you are welcome to begin by coming to rehearsals. If you have special requests they are always welcome, too. Just talk to Cecil anytime (except when he’s playing the postlude!).


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