Personal Website v4.0

Version 1.0 of my personal web site dates back to 1995. Yes, boys and girls, this was a long time ago, before Google was a glint in Larry and Sergey's collective eyes. Back then, if you wanted to be on the web, you made up your own web site. I mean you actually wrote html and asked other people to link to your stuff. 

So much has changed since then. Most importantly, our imprint on the Web is no longer at a single site, but scattered all over the place, on Quora, LinkedInGoogle profilesScholarFacebookTwitter -- not to mention in search results

With all that progress, you'd expect there would be no more room for a personal site, but something strange happened. Versions 1, 2 and 3 had been served out of my alma mater: UNSW. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they continued to serve my personal web site for 3 years after I left. And there was still a lot of useful data there: bits of code, publications, data I had collected over the years. And after 3 years, perhaps I have overstayed my welcome. 

About me

TLDR version: Muslim Australian Software Engineer 

Muslim: I'm a practising Muslim and have been somewhat active in the community, including a long involvement with the Islamic Society of UNSW. I also co-founded AMCRAN. I occasionally give speeches on Islamic topics and have been known to write. 
Australian: I was born and raised in Australia, though I also spent a few years of my childhood living in Saudi Arabia. I have Egyptian heritage. I met my wife in Australia, and I'm happily married, no kids. 
Software: I completed my PhD in Computer Science in 2002 in Machine Learning at UNSW (more details on my publications page). I currently work for a teenage internet company in Mountain View, CA. 
Engineer: I started working with my grandfather (may God have mercy on him) on mechanical things when I was two, and I have a penchant for building things, like robots and sensors.

I can be reached through waleedk at gmail dot com.