There is a national consensus that the quality of teaching is the most critical school‐based factor contributing to student achievement. There is also agreement about the importance of investing in high‐quality professional development to enhance the knowledge base and skills of educators and to provide support for the complex problem‐solving required of them. Therefore, it is the mission of the Waldwick Professional Development Academy to provide valuable in‐district growth opportunities for the professional staff.

The courses offered through the Waldwick Professional Development Academy reflect the expressed needs and interests of the district educators. Survey input comes to the district Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC), who oversees the program.

To receive the recommended ½ credit (for the four‐session courses), participants must attend all of the sessions and complete a classroom application lesson/unit plan or relevant project. No more than one absence for illness or emergency will be approved for credit purposes. Professional development hours will be awarded for each hour of attendance. If a participant attends a course that has fewer than four scheduled sessions or if they miss more than two sessions in a four‐session course, they will receive professional development hours only.  Any course with a low enrollment is subject to cancellation and it may be necessary to limit enrollment in some cases. In the event that the number of applicants exceeds the maximum enrollment for a particular course, the LPDC will attempt to offer that course at another time. Since space is limited, please remember that enrolling in a course is an important commitment. The LPDC makes the final decisions on which courses will run and which participants will be admitted.

The Waldwick District Professional Development Committee

Jennifer Boyd (Traphagen)
Christine Jakobsen (Traphagen)
Nancy O'Flaherty (Crescent)
Mike Dittamo (HS)
Lara Karpinski (MS & Co-Chair)
Erin Hummel (MS/HS & Co-Chair)
Kevin Carroll (HS - Admin.)
Dr. Patricia Raupters (Sup.)