Student Learning

Autumn Breeze
By Madison
When you feel the Autumn wind you can see the Autumn breeze
walking across the pile of crumbled leaves and sweeping the leaves into the orange sunset.
When the bright red apples fall from the tree, they’re like starts lighting up the sky.
You can smell warm apple cider and a crisp warm apple pie with sweet delicious cold vanilla ice cream on the top.
When the beavers chuck down the tall sturdy oak tree you can see the tiny foal nuzzled up next to its mother to keep warm from the frigid wind that makes the trees shiver.
When you feel the leaves fall on to your tranquil face and animals coming out of their warm comfortable homes and see each other and everyone of their facing smiling with joy.
When you think of Autumn you think of a canvas with bright colors, but when Autumn comes it’s just dull colors or at least that’s what they want you to think because actually Autumn’s colors are bright too, but there bright because everyone appreciates this season and that’s what really matters.