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If any of the terminology used here ("Anthroposophy," etc.) is unfamiliar to you, consulting The Semi-Steiner Dictionary and The Brief Waldorf / Steiner Encyclopedia should help.

Momentous events, with potentially enormous consequences, are afoot in the wide world. Seen in this real-world context, events in and around Waldorf schools may seem insignificant. But as long as we care about the well-being of children who have been sent to Waldorf schools, or who may be sent there, we should carry on with our work here.

— Roger Rawlings

October 18, 2018



From DevonLive.com [Devon, UK]:

MP backs temporary closure 

of Exeter's struggling 

Steiner school

The school's Kindergarten will now 

remain closed until after half term

By Rom Preston-Ellis

Exeter's MP [Member of Parliament] has spoken of his concern following the sudden closure of the city's Steiner Academy.

The school on Cowley Bridge Road closed to all pupils on Friday after an Ofsted inspection raised 'serious concerns'.

It is set to reopen on Thursday after appointing a completely new management committee.

However, parents with children at Steiner's Kindergarten were told on Tuesday that that section of the school would not reopen until after half term [i.e., the middle of the term].

Writing to parents, acting principle Paul Houghham said that reasons for the continued closure of the Kindergarten included the need for improvements in "physical infrastructure, systems and processes and staff training”.

Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw said: "I have written to the Education Secretary to seek his urgent assurance that the problems at the school are being addressed and that the children affected can go back to a school that is safe and where they can receive the quality education every child deserves….”

[10/18-2018    https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/mp-backs-temporary-closure-exeters-2115948   This article originally appeared on October 17.]

Waldorf Watch Response:

Steiner Academy Exeter seems to be making an effort to be more cooperative with UK education officials than Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley was. The latter school was eventually shut down by the officials. [See "RSSKL".]

Reforming a Steiner or Waldorf school is quite difficult. Fundamental characteristics of Steiner education may prevent a Steiner/Waldorf school from truly meeting the requirements established by state departments of education.

Steiner/Waldorf education is not primarily intended to provide a good education, as this concept is usually understood. [See "Academic Standards at Waldorf".] Steiner/Waldorf schools have other objectives.

The chief objective is to promote Rudolf Steiner's version of Theosophy, the religion he cobbled together and dubbed "Anthroposophy." [See "Basics" and "Is Anthroposophy a Religion?"] Steiner/Waldorf schools rarely teach students the tenets of Anthroposophy as intellectual constructs, but they work to convey Anthroposophy to the children at the emotional and spiritual level — which Anthroposophists deem far more important. [See "Here's the Answer", "Spiritual Agenda", and "Sneaking It In".]

Steiner/Waldorf schools function essentially as Anthroposophical centers of worship. [See "Schools as Churches".] Students receive indirect but persistent and deep conditioning in Anthroposophical attitudes and behaviors. [See "Indoctrination".] The objective is that the students may, when they become adults, make the conscious decision to become full-fledged Anthroposophists.

Rudolf Steiner asserted that the most important knowledge is "occult" or "hidden." His most important book, giving an overview of all his teachings, is titled "An Outline of Occult Science". [See "Everything".] Occult knowledge is conveyed only to initiates; it is kept hidden from outsiders. [See, e.g., "Inside Scoop".] For this and other reasons, Steiner/Waldorf schools often conceal their intentions and underlying beliefs from outsiders. [See "Secrets".]

When speaking with insiders, Steiner made matters plain. Thus, in addressing Waldorf teachers, he once said this:

“[W]e have to remember that an institution like the Independent Waldorf School with its anthroposophical character, has goals that, of course, coincide with anthroposophical desires. At the moment, though, if that connection were made official, people would break the Waldorf School’s neck." — Rudolf Steiner, FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER (Anthroposophic Press, 1998), p. 705.

A Steiner/Waldorf school can become good school in the ordinary sense — that is, a school that conveys real knowledge to children, preparing the students for real lives in the real world — only if it renounces Rudolf Steiner and his occult preachments. But this would mean creasing to be a Steiner/Waldorf school.

— R.R.

For previous coverage of the situation at Steiner Academy Exeter, see "What the School Must Do to Save Itself", October 17, 2018, "Exeter Closure Extended Again", October 16, 2018, "Exeter Update: More than Safeguarding", October 14, 2018, "Another Inspection, Another Closure", October 13, 2018, and "Problems at Another U.K. Steiner School", July 29, 2018.

October 17, 2018



From Schools Week [London, UK]:

DfE ‘minded to terminate’ funding 
of Steiner Academy Exeter

[by] Alix Robertson

A Steiner Academy in Exeter has been warned by the government that it is at risk of having its funding terminated due to significant concerns about safeguarding, which led to the school being temporarily closed after a recent Ofsted visit. [Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education. DfE is the Department for Education.]

The government has today published a ‘minded to terminate’ warning notice that was issued to the Steiner Academy Exeter, an all-through free school rated ‘requires improvement’, last month.

The letter from regional schools commisisoner Lisa Mannall stated the department had been informed of “significant concerns” about safeguarding, governance, and provision for pupils with special educational needs.

The letter warned “that there has been a serious breakdown in the way the academy is managed or governed” and “that the safety of pupils or staff of the academy is threatened”.

Steiner Academy Exeter was also visited by Ofsted last week and has been shut since Friday….

An update from the school, published on its website yesterday, said that Mannall has supported its reopening, provided that it “sets up a new academy management committee and secures support from a strong local multi academy trust”….

Mannall, in the letter sent last month, asked the school to submit a post-inspection action plan following an Ofsted visit last year….

Other demands included that the school commissions support from a national leader of governance for its chair of trustees and board, and agrees to meet with the regional schools commissioner’s office during this half-term for a “formal review”….

If the school fails to provide this information it will receive a follow-up termination warning notice, Mannall warned….

[10/17/2018   https://schoolsweek.co.uk/dfe-minded-to-terminate-funding-of-steiner-academy-exeter/. This story originally appeared on October 16. A similar story also appeared on that date at TES.com: "Steiner free school closure threat over safeguarding concerns": https://www.tes.com/news/steiner-free-school-closure-threat-over-safeguarding-concerns.]

Waldorf Watch Response:

The situation at Steiner Academy Exeter is apparently more dire than some recent news accounts have suggested. British education authorities may cut off funding for the school, which would jeopardize the school's continued existence.

Steiner Academy Exeter is a "free school" (what in the USA is called a charter school). Loss of government funding would mean the school would either be forced to close or it would need to find other sources of income so that it could reconstitute itself as a private or independent school.

The Steiner/Waldorf movement is often described as fast-growing. This claim creates a somewhat misleading impression. Other educational movements are larger — e.g., there are about 7,000 Montessori schools in the world, compared to about 1,100 Waldorf schools. Also, the rate at which the Steiner/Waldorf movement has grown is actually not particularly impressive. While new Waldorf schools are opened annually, a fair number of Waldorf schools fail and go out of business annually. [See “Failure”.] The total number of surviving Waldorf schools in world — independent schools and state-supported schools — has tended to inch, not soar, upward over the years.

Conditions for all types of Steiner/Waldorf schools may become more difficult if education authorities in various countries begin examining these schools more closely. The recent failure of a leading Steiner school in Kings Langley, UK, was a significant case in point. The UK Department for Education became convinced that the school was, in effect, irredeemable and must be shut down. Now the Steiner Academy Exeter may face a similar official judgment. The implications for the Steiner/Waldorf movement worldwide may be large.

Rudolf Steiner’s devoted followers will doubtless fight hard to save existing Waldorf schools and to create new ones. And innocent outsiders who are wowed by Waldorf’s manifold charms — all the lovely art, the green values, the sweet play groups, and so forth — may continue to be lured into the Waldorf culture. So the end of Waldorf is not in sight, and it may not come into sight for a long, long time yet. But possibly, just possibly, we are glimpsing the faint beginnings of that distant ending.

— R.R.

For previous coverage of the situation at Steiner Academy Exeter, see "Exeter Closure Extended Again", October 16, 2018, "Exeter Update: More than Safeguarding", October 14, 2018, "Another Inspection, Another Closure", October 13, 2018, and "Problems at Another U.K. Steiner School", July 29, 2018.

October 16, 2018




From DevonLive.com [Devon, UK]:

Exeter Steiner school 
will stay closed until Thursday

by Colleen Smith

Exeter's troubled Steiner school will reopen on Thursday with a new management committee, it has been announced.

The Cowley Bridge school has told parents in a letter that it regrets 'the loss of time in school for our students over this last week'.

The school was closed suddenly last Friday by the regional schools commission after an inspection revealed 'serious concerns' about safeguarding, management, leadership and special educational needs. Previously the school had spoken of its deep regret over the standard of teaching offered to children.

The Ofsted [Office for Standards in Education] report has not yet been published….

Katie Young, writing to parents as the principal's PA [personal assistant], has now said the school will open on Thursday October 18….

The letter adds: “…[W]e want to reassure parents that we as a school are doing everything possible to address the concerns raised by Ofsted … We do regret the loss of time in school for our students over this last week, but we hope parents can understand that we have had to be rigorous in addressing our shortcomings….”

[10/16/2018   https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/exeter-steiner-school-stay-closed-2112510    This story originally appeared on October 15.]

Waldorf Watch Response:

The situation at Steiner Academy Exeter increasingly resembles the travails at Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley, a Steiner institution that recently was ordered to close. [See “RSSKL”.]

The Exeter Steiner school seems to be undertaking the proper sorts of actions, and it is issuing the proper sorts of statements, in response to the criticisms leveled by British education authorities. But those criticisms are extensive and deep. 

Virtually every function of the school seems to be flawed. According to DevonLive, problems have been found in "safeguarding, management, leadership, special educational needs, [and] the standard of teaching offered to children." 

If this is true, then the school seems to be failing in almost every way a school possibly could fail. Evidently the school is badly run, it does not adequately protect the children in its care, and it offers poor instruction for its students, including students having special needs.

Truly addressing these alleged problems will presumably take far longer than a few days. Genuine correction would presumably necessitate a complete overhaul of the school.

Underlying all this is the poor record Steiner/Waldorf schools have established in their dealings with outsiders generally and education authorities in particular. Rudolf Steiner instructed his followers to be deceptive and manipulative when responding to external criticisms and requirements. [See "Secrets".] Certainly, Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley seems to have compounded its difficulties by resisting the same type of oversight that is now directed at Steiner Academy Exeter. 

Steiner Academy Exeter seems to going through the right motions, and it seems to be saying the right things. The question going forward will be whether the school follows through, undertaking genuine reforms.

— R.R.

For previous coverage of the situation at Steiner Academy Exeter, see "Exeter Update: More than Safeguarding", October 14, 2018, "Another Inspection, Another Closure", October 13, 2018, and "Problems at Another U.K. Steiner School", July 29, 2018.

October 14, 2018




Here are excerpts from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner. This lecture is among those featured today (October 14, 2018) at the Rudolf Steiner Archive and eLib

Steiner delivered this lecture on October 14 in the year 1917. A transcript of the lecture can be found in the book THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1993). The lecture is the ninth in the book. 

The title of the lecture is “The Battle Between Michael and ‘The Dragon’”. As the title suggests, the lecture deals with various subjects that have cropped up in Waldorf news items during the last few weeks — Michael, Ahriman, “the dragon”, and so forth.

(Preliminary note: Steiner is hard to read. Some people find him virtually incoherent. I have edited these excerpts to give them clarity they otherwise don’t possess. If you still find them tough going, you might consult "Steiner Said", where I provide commentary, footnotes, and an interpretive paraphrase.)

— R.R.

Excerpts from 

“The Battle Between Michael and ‘The Dragon’” 

[I]n the middle of the nineteenth century, and especially in the 1840s…the materialistic point of view came to its peak [on Earth].…

The deeper sources of such events…must be sought in the world of the spirit … To have the right idea about these things, you must visualize a battle which continued for decades in the spiritual worlds, from the 1840s until the autumn of 1879.

This may be called a battle which the spirits who are followers of...[the Archangel] Michael fought with certain ahrimanic powers [i.e., minions of the arch-demon Ahriman] … The battle [reached] a conclusion in the autumn of 1879, when Michael and his followers won.…

To see something like this in the right way, we can always call on an image which humanity has known throughout its evolution —  the fight between Michael and the dragon … [E]very battle between Michael and the dragon is similar to the one in the 1840s … We may say that a particular crowd of ahrimanic spirits seek over and over again to bring something into world evolution, but they are always overcome. And so they also lost the battle in the autumn of 1879….

Losing the battle means they are no longer to be found in the heavens … Instead they are to be found in the human realms [on Earth]….

The people who do not turn away from the ahrimanic, materialistic way of thinking and want to keep it, would then be in league with everything which has come about through similar victories won over the dragon by Michael. They therefore would not unite with spiritual progress in human evolution but with material progress. And a time would come in the sixth post-Atlantean age when the only thing to please them would be to live in something which will have been brought about by bacilli, those microscopically small enemies of humanity.…

[T]he individuals who have become so tied up with the materialistic way of thinking…find ways of involving themselves in the activities of bacilli … Today’s bacilli are merely the prophets, let us say, of what will happen to the whole earth in future. Then a time will come when those who cling to the materialistic way of thinking will unite with the moon powers….

— Rudolf Steiner, “The Battle Between Michael and ‘The Dragon’”. 

October 14, 2018




Although discussion of the problems at Steiner Academy Exeter has largely focused on the poor safeguarding of students at the school, in fact the school evidently has multiple problems of multiple types. This parallels the situation at Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley, a school that was found to have serious safeguarding issues but also significant deficiencies in several other areas. [See “RSSKL”.]

Here is except from a press advisory posted by Exeter Steiner on October 12: 

Steiner Academy Exeter was visited by HMI’s [Her Majesty's Inspectors] from Ofsted [the Office of Standards in Education] on October 9 and 10 … It is clear that the scale of improvements required, particularly in safeguarding, SEND [Special Education Needs and Disabilities], and leadership and governance, is significant and will require the full attention of all staff. 

The problems at the school extend into numerous areas. Initial complaints may have involved inadequate safeguarding of students, but when inspectors started digging they found many other faults — including poor “leadership and governance.” 

The problems evidently extend to the quality of instruction provided by the school.

Exeter's Steiner Academy says it has 'deep regret' over the standard of teaching offered to children after its decision to close on Friday, following an Ofsted inspection...

A spokesperson for the school said:

"...There is clear and deep regret that the education provided to children at the school has not been of the high standards or integrity required."

— DevonLive, "Exeter's Steiner Academy speak of 'deep regret' following sudden closure", October 12, 2018.

Resolving such a wide and deep array of problems would seem to require a fundamental overhaul of the school.

“Press Information, Friday 12th October 2018” 

The advisory was attached to a fence outside the school. 

[DevonLive, photo by Jamie Hawkins

For previous coverage of developments at Steiner Academy Exeter, see "Another Inspection, Another Closure", October 13, 2018, and "Problems at Another U.K. Steiner School", July 29, 2018.

— R.R.

October 13, 2018



Here are excerpts from two recent news articles posted by DevonLive.com [Devon, UK]:


Exeter's Steiner Academy 
in shock closure 
following Ofsted inspection

by Rom Preston-Ellis

An Exeter school has closed unexpectedly just days after a visit by Ofsted [Office for Standards in Education] inspectors.

Steiner Academy at Thomas Hall on Cowley Bridge Road informed parents that the school would be closed for all pupils on Friday.

The school confirmed on Tuesday that inspectors from the education watchdog were visiting this week following a 'serious safeguarding concern', along with a number of 'qualifying complaints' to Ofsted.

Steiner [Academy] has now said that Ofsted identified 'shortcomings in safeguarding practice' and the school was closed on Friday in order to implement a new acting management team….

In July, DevonLive.com reported that a safeguarding investigation had been launched at the school after two pupils, believed to be six years old, walked out unnoticed during lessons.

A concerned parent claimed the two pupils found their way out of the school grounds.

The parent also said the school did not know they were missing until they were returned by police — and the parents of the children were not told about the incident until they arrived to pick the children up at the end of the day….

[10/13/2018   https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/exeters-steiner-academy-shock-closure-2100763    This article originally appeared on October 12.]


Exeter Steiner Academy 
to remain closed on Monday 
after Ofsted inspection

by Jon Lewis

Exeter's beleaguered Steiner Academy will remain closed on Monday, following a damning Ofsted inspection.

The Cowley Bridge Road school temporarily closed on Friday last week, after inspectors found failures in safeguarding practices during their visit.

And now the new acting management team has announced on Facebook that the school would continue to be closed on Monday, with the aim of reopening again on Tuesday, October 16.…

An Ofsted spokesperson said: "We can confirm that Ofsted carried out an inspection of the school this week.

"Although the report is not yet published, our regional director for the South West, Bradley Simmons, alerted the regional schools commissioner to his serious concerns about the school.

"We understand that the commissioner has taken immediate steps to close the school." 

[10/13/2018     https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/exeter-steiner-academy-remain-closed-2105214]

Waldorf Watch Response:

A shock closure is sudden and, usually, brief. Steiner Academy Exeter intends to reopen almost immediately. Whether this will be permitted is unclear. The school's fate presumably depends on its efforts to meet the standards established by British education officials.

Concerns have been expressed in the past about the welfare of students at various Steiner and Waldorf schools. [See, e.g., "Slaps" and "Extremity".] 

The Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley — one of the leading Steiner schools in Britain — was ordered closed after a series of inspections revealed a wide range of problems, including inadequate safeguarding. [See, e.g., "Remembering RSSKL — The Faults Found", July 7, 2018.] That closure was evidently meant to be permanent, although the school has attempted to reconstitute itself in greatly reduced form. [See, e.g., "The Return of RSSKL, Sort Of", September 17, 2018.]

The problems at Steiner Academy Exeter, like those at RSSKL, were initially detected years ago. The following is from the Waldorf Critics discussion site

The Steiner Academy Exeter is yet another UK Steiner school with safeguarding issues, among other problems. On July 16, two 6-year-old boys wandered away from the school. Fortunately, no harm came to them and they were found by the police.

Six-year-old boys wander out of school - and no one noticed [DevonLive, July 24]

The article also mentions that this school was rated by Ofsted in 2015 as requiring improvement, prompting some parents at that time "to raise fears of bullying problems, a failure to deliver 'quality education', and complaints not being dealt with properly …" A later inspection report published in June stated that further improvements were still needed and that "Areas highlighted were to improve the quality of teaching, leadership and pupil attendance."

According to a March 26, 2018 article, this same school was on a list of 10 schools in Devon with the worst records for unauthorized absences in 2016/17.

The Devon schools with the worst unauthorised absence rates [DevonLive, March 26]

I think parents should always be wary of putting their children in the care of people who believe that whatever happens is due to karma. Children need to be in the care of adults who take full responsibility for their safety.

— Margaret Sachs, https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/waldorf-critics/conversations/messages/31857. 

[See "Problems at Another U.K. Steiner School", July 29, 2018. For a more recent message from Margaret Sachs at Waldorf Critics, see https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/waldorf-critics/conversations/messages/31897. For an extensive review of problems at RSSKL, see "RSSKL".] 

— R.R.

October 11, 2018




In his speech about Anthroposophical medicine, delivered in Marseille on October 6, former Waldorf student and teacher Grégoire Perra offered a wide-ranging critique of such medicine. He also described specific instances of Anthroposophical medical treatment (or mistreatment) that he has personally observed. 

The title of Perra's speech is "Mon expérience de la médecine anthroposophique" [My Experience with Anthroposophic Medicine]. Yesterday, we reviewed some of Perra's major conclusions. Today, we should turn our attention to some of the specific situations Perra has observed.

Here are a few:

- I have seen Anthroposophical doctors refuse to give children compulsory vaccinations. With the parents' agreement, they forged "white vaccines" — i.e., false vaccination certificates;

- I have seen how Anthroposophical doctors deliberately choose not to treat a fever and let it rise dangerously, including in children…;

- I have seen the passivity of an Anthroposophical doctor, withholding effective intervention in situations that could have cost the life of his patient: [e.g.,] an old lady with a complete intestinal obstruction, whom the Anthroposophical doctor left to suffer horribly for 12 days…;

- I knew of an Anthroposophical doctor who…prayed for more than an hour in his office to drive out the demons he thought were trying to take over one of his patients;

- I knew of an Anthroposophical doctor who prescribed putting fried onions in a child’s ear to absorb the pain of a severe ear infection;

- I have seen Anthroposophical school doctors in Steiner-Waldorf schools violate the medical confidentiality of their patients. They disclosed to the schools' teachers the medical diagnoses of students and even the diagnoses of the students’ parents … This often happened, in particular, with parents who became critical of a school [thus enabling the teachers to “break” such parents]; 

- I have seen Anthroposophical school doctors in Steiner-Waldorf schools fail to inform authorities about incidents of serious physical harm suffered by the students; this was done to protect the schools' reputation…;

- I saw an Anthroposophical doctor, implicated in a legal case where a child had been malnourished, fabricate a prescription with a false date in order to exonerate himself…;

- I have known two Anthroposophists with cancer, one in the breast and the other in the lungs, who refused chemotherapy and urgent radiotherapy … For years they had relied on alternative treatments such as Iscador [an extract of mistletoe, which Anthroposophical doctors believe can cure cancer] … Both died in excruciating pain.

— Grégoire Perra, "Mon expérience de la médecine anthroposophique".

Perra gave many more examples in his speech. He also addressed such questions as "Why do Anthroposophical doctors give priority to protecting Anthroposophical institutions?", "Why do Anthroposophical doctors take risks with their patients' health?", and "Why do Anthroposophical doctors see disease as a blessing?" 

The full text of the speech is available at https://veritesteiner.wordpress.com/2018/10/07/mon-experience-de-la-medecine-anthroposophique/

(The speech is in French. To translate the speech, I have relied heavily on the DeepL translation service.) 

— R.R.

October 10, 2018



Waldorf whistle-blower Grégoire Perra has published the transcript of a speech he delivered in Marseille on October 6. His subject on that occasion was Anthroposophical medicine — the form of medicine generally practiced in and around Waldorf schools.

Perra's comments touch on various subjects that have arisen in our news coverage recently. One such subject is “the dragon” — the demon Ahriman and his works. According to Rudolf Steiner, Ahriman poisons the cosmos with cold, heartless intellect as embodied by modern science and modern medicine.

Anthroposophical medicine is meant to be an antidote to Ahriman's influence. But, Perra contends, the purveyors of Anthroposophical medicine engage in deceit. They wrap themselves in the white-coated mystique of the medical profession, but instead of providing scientifically valid medical care, they instead dispense unfounded nostrums and treatments inspired by Rudolf Steiner. In this sense, they enact a sort of charade. T
hey pose as legitimate doctors, although in fact they spurn proven medical treatments.

Anthroposophical medicine seeks to fulfill Rudolf Steiner's mystical vision. But, Perra says, Anthroposophical doctors generally don't spell this out for their patients. Recognizing that most people know little or nothing about Ahriman — or, indeed, about Anthroposophy itself — Anthroposophical MD's conceal their motives and intentions. The put on the dragon's skin, as it were — they pretend to represent advanced medical thinking, when actually their gaze is directed backward into the distant past.

Here are a few excerpts from the speech, presenting some of Perra's themes and conclusions. (Perra writes and speaks in his native tongue, French. The following is my stab at translation into English. For this effort, I have relied heavily on the DeepL translation service.)

For Anthroposophists, the expression "entering the dragon's skin" means entering a character and penetrating below the surface, sinking into it, piercing it like a spear or sword stabbing into the skin of an enemy in combat ... It is an infiltration strategy consisting in dressing up as a dragon in order to kill the apocalyptic beast. In our present context, the dragon refers to official materialistic science, an emanation of evil entities of darkness [i.e., Ahrimanic demons].

What is the resultant attitude for Anthroposophists? They claim to know modern science very well, to be masters of its concepts and language, so that they stand as its representatives — and at the same time they hate it, they want to kill it....

To understand Anthroposophic medicine, it is necessary to be aware that Anthroposophists are engaged in a fight against what they call the dragon. This explains why their words and writings never fully reveal the essence of their true thinking. Indeed, their approach is not one of honestly confronting modernity and modern medicine, but of entering the guise of these things and attacking them from within. Anthroposophical doctors know very well where they want to go. But they also know that they must not say it outright; rather, they must express themselves with cunning, with patience.

…What does Anthroposophic medicine really want to become? In my opinion, it seeks to become a medicine like that practiced in ancient Greek temples, such as those dedicated to [the god] Asclepios, combined with miraculous interventions such as those of Christ in the Gospels. For Steiner, the question was not whether Anthroposophic medicine would treat patients better than modern medicine does, but instead the goal was to offer spiritual therapy, a form of treatment that focuses chiefly on patients’ spiritual dimension.

Society is not currently prepared to cope with Anthroposophic deception. "Entering the dragon's skin" is indeed a strategy that provides Anthroposophists with a formidable capacity for doubletalk, lies, and concealment.

— Grégoire Perra, "Mon expérience de la médecine anthroposophique" [My Experience with Anthroposophic Medicine], https://veritesteiner.wordpress.com/2018/10/07/mon-experience-de-la-medecine-anthroposophique/.

For more about Anthroposophical medicine, see "Steiner's Quackery" and, e.g., "Engines, Lies, Illness, and Demons", October 1, 2018.

For more about Ahriman (the dragon or progenitor of the dragon), see "Ahriman". 

For more about Anthroposophical concealment, see "Secrets". 

Asclepios, a son of Apollo, was the ancient Greco-Roman god of medicine. "Asclepius, Greek Asklepios, Latin Aesculapius, Greco-Roman god of medicine, son of Apollo (god of healing, truth, and prophecy) and the mortal princess Coronis. The Centaur Chiron taught him the art of healing." — ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, Oct. 10, 2018.

In Anthroposophical teachings, the god commonly known as Christ is in fact the Sun god. [See "Sun God".] Because of their peculiar conception of Christ's identity, Anthroposophists have a peculiar understanding of the four Gospels of the New Testament. They are guided by Steiner's additional "fifth" Gospel, in which Steiner "corrects" the record of Christ's sojourn on Earth. [See "Steiner's Fifth Gospel".] 

To read more of Perra's works translated into English, see, e.g., "My Life Among the Anthroposophists" and "He Went to Waldorf".

— R.R.

For previous Waldorf-related news items,

see "Indications"

at the website

Waldorf Straight Talk.

I often generalize about Waldorf schools. There are fundamental similarities among Waldorf schools; describe the schools based on the evidence concerning their structure and operations in the past and — more importantly — in the present. But not all Waldorf schools, Waldorf charter schools, and Waldorf-inspired schools are wholly alike. To evaluate an individual school, you should carefully examine its stated purposes, its practices (which may or may not be consistent with its stated purposes), and the composition of its faculty. 

— R.R.

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