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If you send children to Waldorf schools, you are handing them into the care of people who believe Rudolf Steiner’s phantasmagoric visions. Not all Waldorf teachers believe all of Steiner's delusions, but a great many do. Here are more examples, in Steiner’s characteristically tortured phrasings:

25) [Gnomes (which are real); and Their Heads] “[T]he beings which we call gnomes and goblins have a physical body, but they do not possess what in man we call the ego ... [T]hey can never be seen even though they have a physical body. They have a physical body only for one who can see through the earth ... [T]hose persons who portray gnomes out of a certain nature-sense [i.e., intuitive or psychic insight] are not unjustified in making their heads [sic: the gnomes’ heads] a special characteristic. All these symbols have their true foundation in reality.” — Rudolf Steiner, THE INFLUENCE OF SPIRITUAL BEINGS ON MAN, lecture 8, GA 102.

Note: “all these symbols”, like all myths, like all fairy tales, are basically true, according to Steiner. They are true clairvoyant visions of the spirit realm. (25a) “Myths...are the memories of the visions people perceived in olden times ... At night they were really surrounded by the world of the Nordic gods of which the legends tell. Odin, Freya, and all the other figures in Nordic mythology were...experienced in the spiritual world with as much reality as we experience our fellow human beings around us today.” — Rudolf Steiner, THE FESTIVALS AND THEIR MEANING (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1998), p. 198. (25b) “Fairy tales are never thought out [i.e., invented]; they are the final remains of ancient clairvoyance, experienced in dreams by human beings who still had the power ... All the fairy tales in existence are thus the remnants of the original clairvoyance.” — Rudolf Steiner, ON THE MYSTERY DRAMAS (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1983), p. 93.

And gnomes, for one, really exist, not as symbols, but as real creatures lurking in the Earth. Their more revealing name is "goblins": (25c) "There are beings that can be seen with clairvoyant vision at many spots in the depths of the earth ... If you dig into the metallic or stony ground you find beings which manifest at first in remarkable fashion — it is as if something were to scatter us. They seem able to crouch close together in vast numbers, and when the earth is laid open they appear to burst asunder ... Many names have been given to them, such as goblins, gnomes and so forth ... What one calls moral responsibility in man is entirely lacking in them ... Their nature prompts them to play all sorts of tricks on man....”  — Rudolf Steiner, NATURE SPIRITS (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1995), pp. 62-3.

26) [One Reason Gnomes Crop Up in Waldorf Classrooms] “[G]oblins are in fact the gnomes. So, if one wishes to make someone attentive, one says to him: Pay heed like a gnome. A gnome is really an attentive being. If one could place a gnome as an object lesson on a front desk in every school classroom, where all could see it, it would be a splendid example for the children to imitate.” — Rudolf Steiner, MAN AS SYMPHONY OF THE CREATIVE WORD (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1970), lecture 8, GA 230.

27) [Dragons] Steiner said we humans used to live on the Moon, aka the Old Moon. Describing how humans on the Old Moon inhaled and exhaled heat, Steiner said: “Figures such as the Archangel Michael with the fire-breathing dragon under his feet, or St. George, fighting with the dragon, are pictures reminiscent of those conditions [on Old Moon]. The fire breather of Old Moon, the ancient Dragon, is a figure that once actually existed.” — Rudolf Steiner, ROSICRUCIAN ESOTERICISM (Anthroposophic Press, 1978) lecture 7, GA 109.

Again: Steiner said all this stuff is real, although he often interpreted symbols, myths, etc., in his own special way. He spoke of goblins and dragons, etc., as symbols, but he also described them as actual beings who actually exist(ed). Thus, for instance, Steiner identified real dragons as fire-breathing dinosaurs: (26a):

“A teacher: ‘But there are still the fire breathers.’

“Dr. Steiner: 'Yes, those beasts, they did breathe fire, the Archaeopteryx, for example.' 

“A teacher: ‘You mean that animals whose bones we see today in museums...breathed fire?’


“Dr. Steiner: 'Yes, all of the dinosaurs belong to the end of the Tertiary Period. Those found in the Jura [i.e., Jurassic] are actually their descendants. What I am referring to are the dinosaurs from the beginning of the Tertiary Period.'” — FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER (Anthroposophic Press, 1998), p. 26.


28) [Certainly Magicians and Suchlike] Among the real beings we must worry about are black or gray magicians: “[T]hose whose intentions toward humanity are not good, in other words those who are black of grey magicians [are busily at work] to present certain groups of people with the secret of how to dominate great masses ... [S]uch domination can be put into the hands of some few individuals ... Certain circles in this materialistic age are striving to paralyse [sic] and make impossible all of humanity’s spiritual development....” — Rudolf Steiner, SECRET BROTHERHOODS (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2004), pp. 90.

29) [What Us Is Up ToWorking pretty much in league with the black magicians are Americans, who plan to ruin everything for everyone, especially good ol' (white) Europeans: “[I]t is America’s endeavor to mechanize everything, to push everything into the realm of pure naturalism, thus gradually extinguishing Europe’s culture altogether.” — Rudolf Steiner SECRET BROTHERHOODS (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2004), p. 70. 

30) [What the US Is Up To] Americans (aka, citizens of the USA) are going about their dastardly purposes in dastardly ways: (30) "It will be an American secret to use the earth’s magnetism in its duality, the northern and southern magnetism, in order to send controlling forces across the whole earth....” — Rudolf Steiner SECRET BROTHERHOODS (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2004), p. 188.

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