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Rudolf Steiner's defenders sometimes claim that he said very little about race. But Steiner's critics sometimes say that his racial theories were central to his work. Which is it?

Here's a quick and dirty way to get at least a feel for the answer.

Today — December 5, 2012 — I did a Google Book Search. I asked for the titles of books attributed to Rudolf Steiner in which the word "races" appears. I got about 4,060 hits.*

Now, bear several points in mind. There is a lot of overlap on the list. And simply mentioning race does not make one a racist. And some discussions of race may avoid the word, referring instead to peoples, or nations, or Aryans, or Negroes, or Jews, etc. (Thus, other searches for other terms would produce other hits, albeit probably with overlap.) And some hits shown below are off the subject, or may seem to be — such as hits triggered by the term "the human race" (although books that refer to the human race may also contain references to human races...).** And some discussions of race may be meritorious, as when one says "I denounce racism."

So, the following is just indicative. It proves little — except that Steiner obviously did speak and write quite a lot about race(s).

(Four thousand hits is a bit much, so I will merely reproduce the first few pages of hits. Go to Google Book Search, if you like — — and conduct your own searches.)

* Anthroposophical publishers have mixed and matched passages from Steiner's books and lectures in multiple, overlapping collections and translations and editions, in many languages. Steiner certainly did not write 4,060 books or anything like that many. He did, however, deliver thousands of lectures while penning multiple books. [See "What a Guy".] The total number of references he made to race(s) is probably somewhere in the hundreds, not thousands. But he spoke and wrote about race(s) quite a lot, and that's the simple point I am making here.

** Google complicates matters, and swells the total number of hits, by ignoring the difference between singular and plural nouns. I asked for references to "races," and Google gave me references to both "races" and "race." (Then, too, there are others sorts of races, such as foot races. And "races" can be either a noun or a verb. And....)

About 4,060 results (0.12 seconds)

Search Results

Mystic Seals and Columns - Page 143
Rudolf Steiner - 1996 - Preview - More editions
Just as the Fifth Root-Race is derived from the ancient Senitics of the 5th Sub-Race of the <tth Root Race. ... The Sixth Sub-race will have it as its special duty to replace the blood-relationship by the relationship of Manas: Spiritual relationship.

Universe Earth and Man in Their Relationship to Egyptian Myths and ... - Page 230
Rudolf Steiner - 2003 - Preview - More editions
When a person speaks of races to-day he speaks of something that is no longer quite correct; even in Theosophical ... In them it is said that our evolution runs its course in Rounds, that in each Round there are Globes, and in each Globe, ...

The Spiritual Foundation of Morality: Francis of Assisi and the ... - Page 30
Rudolf Steiner, Malcolm Ian Gardner - 1995 - Preview
whole race. The two must not be confused. A human soul can develop in such a way that in one incarnation it embodies itself in a particular race, and, if it thereby acquires certain qualities, then in a later incarnation it can re-embody itself in an ...

The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, Their History ... - Page 26
Rudolf Steiner, Max Gysi - 1911 - Read - More editions
According to the nomenclature of the "Secret Doctrine," Lemurians, Atlanteans, and Aryans are Root-Races of humanity. If we think' of two such Boot-Races preceding the Lemurian, and two following the Aryan in the future, we have altogether ...

An Esoteric Cosmology - Page 11
Rudolf Steiner - 2008 - Preview - More editions
The frontal part of the human head began to develop in the European races which followed those of Atlantis. The focus-point of consciousness in the Atlanteans lay outside the brow, in the etheric head. Today it lies within the physical head, ...

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse: Notes from 16 Lectures - Page 40
Rudolf Steiner - 1993 - Preview
What does it mean to say that we are living toward these races? It means that an understanding of Christ is contained in ... Steiner uses the old theosophical term "root race" to designate the seven epochs of earth evolution: the Polarian, the ...

Founding a Science of the Spirit: Fourteen Lectures Given in ... - Page 65
Rudolf Steiner, Matthew Barton - 1999 - Preview - More editions
The good will result in a race of men who are naturally good; the evil in a separate evil race. You will find this stated in the ... We must also distinguish between the development of the soul and that of races. A soul may be incarnated in a race ...

Correspondence and Documents 1901-1925 - Page 50
Rudolf Steiner, Marie Steiner - 1988 - Preview - More editions
For, strictly speaking, the concept of sub-races only means something between the middle of the Lemurian and the end of ... The concept of the Root race also loses its meaning before and after this period, retaining it for certain relationships of ...

The Universal Human
Rudolf Steiner - Preview
It must seek to unite people of all races and nations, and to bridge the divisions and differences between various ... The old point of view of race has a physical character, but what will prevail in the future will have a more spiritual character.

Investigations In Occultism - Page 138
Rudolf Steiner - 1996 - Preview - More editions
The good will result in a human race that is good by nature, the bad in a bad human race that has been set apart. This is ... Enough souls are pouring in from other quarters for incarnation in races that are on the down-grade (i.e. bad souls).

Atlantis: The Fate of a Lost Land and Its Secret Knowledge - Page 23
Rudolf Steiner - 2007 - Preview - More editions
If one imagines that two such root races preceded the Lemurians and that two will succeed the Indo-Europeans in the future, one obtains a total seven. One always arises from the other in the manner just indicated with respect to the Lemurians ...

Cosmic Memory: Prehistory of Earth and Man - Page 210
Rudolf Steiner - 1990 - Preview - More editionsActually, one can only begin to speak of "races" in connection with the development attained in about the second third of the third principal condition identified above (the Lemurian). Only then is formed what today one calls "races." This "racial ...

Esoteric Development: Selected Lectures and Writings - Page 129
Rudolf Steiner, Stephen Usher - 2004 - Preview - More editions
If you understand this figure, you can understand how one race transforms itself into another. ... Root races are the main sequential divisions of life waves on a planetary globe, each lasting millions of years; current humanity comprises the fifth ...

The Temple Legend and the Golden Legend: Freemasonry & Related ... - Page 169
Rudolf Steiner - 1997 - Preview
seven Race-cycles [or great epochs] in our present Globe: the Polarian, the Hyperborean, the Lemurian, the Atlantean and ... However, it is not quite correct to speak of Races here; the forms which then lived cannot properly be called Races.

Self-Transformation: Selected Lectures - Page 244
Rudolf Steiner, Stefan Leber - 1995 - Preview
The root-races are whole historical epochs, the races their smaller divisions. ...The post-Atlantean root-race is subdivided into the following races or historical epochs: Indian, Ancient Persian, Egyptian and Babylonian, Greek and Roman, and ...

Rosicrucian Wisdom: - Page 128
Rudolf Steiner, Johanna Collis - 2000 - Preview
We see in our stage of evolution the female as the principle which still preserves the old conditions of folk and race, and the male that which continually breaks through these conditions, splits them up and so individualizes humanity. There is at ...

The Mission of the Folk Souls in Relation to Teutonic Mythology: ... - Page 76
Rudolf Steiner - 2005 - Preview - More editions
Since all men in their different incarnations pass through the various races the claim that the European is superior to the black and yellow races has no real validity. In such cases the truth is sometimes veiled, but you see that with the help of ...

The being of man and his future evolution: nine lectures given in ... - Page 110
Rudolf Steiner - 1981 - Preview - More editions
THE MANIFESTATION OF THE EGO IN THE DIFFERENT RACES OF MEN  3rd May 1909  In last week's lecture we became familiar with everyday expressions of man's inner life, namely laughing and weeping, and today we will explore the ...

Evil - Page 193
Rudolf Steiner, Michael Kalisch - 1997 - Preview
But the sixth and seventh Atlantean races allowed themselves to become rigid and therefore static, and Chinese culture represents the last remnant of that. The ancient Chinese possessed a wonderful Atlantean heritage, but they could not ...

Nature Spirits: Selected Lectures - Page 69
Rudolf Steiner - 1995 - Preview
Races would not stay behind and become decadent if there were not people who wish to stay behind and are obliged to stay ... Older races only persist because there are people who cannot or will not move forward to a higher racial form.

Festivals and Their Meaning - Page 92
Rudolf Steiner - 2008 - Preview - More editions
They represent the initiates of the three preceding races or epochs of culture, the initiates of mankind up to the time of the coming of Christ, who is the bringer of love free of egoism — the resurrected Osiris. The initiates, and the three magi also, ...

World History and the Mysteries in the Light of Anthroposophy: ... - Page 34
Rudolf Steiner - 1998 - Preview
And the driving force for further evolution lies in the search for an adjustment between young races and old races, so that ... However far back we look into Asia, everywhere we find how the young races who cannot of themselves develop the ...

The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria Being Chapters ... - Page 26
Rudolf Steiner - 2005 - Preview - More editions
According to the nomenclature of the " Secret Doctrine," Lemurians , Atlanteans, and Aryans are Root-Races of humanity. If we think of two such Root-Races preceding the Lemurian, and two following the Aryan in the future, we have ...

Start Now!: Meditation Instructions, Meditations, Prayers, Verses ... - Page 255
Rudolf Steiner, Christopher Bamford - 2004 - Preview - More editions
It manifests, too, in our belonging to a race, a nation, and so forth. Peoples and races are, after all, merely different developmental stages in our evolution toward a pure humanity. The more perfectly that individual members of a race or people...

Religion: An Introductory Reader - Page 154
Rudolf Steiner, Andrew Welburn - 2004 - Preview
If we have a genuine understanding of the different faiths we find one outstanding characteristic, namely, that in earlier periods of earth evolution individual religions were adapted to particular races, tribal stocks or peoples. There is still ...

The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest: Eighteen ... - Page 189
Rudolf Steiner - 1998 - Preview - More editions
So it is perfectly in order for someone like the apocalyptist who is writing an occult document to speak — when discussing the development of races on the earth— about a particular number who will be saved and another number who will ...

Compiled Lectures By Rudolf Steiner - Page 197
Rudolf Steiner - 2007 - Preview
In the races the Primeval Forces or Archai remain at work . Here again , for one... And in the physical world, too, where something of spiritual guidance appears as it does in the races and nations , this cosmic memory is most distinctly present .

The Occult Significance of Blood - Page 13
Rudolf Steiner - 1999 - Preview - More editions
Yet this question of race is one that we can never understand until we understand the mysteries of the blood and of the results accruing from the mingling of the blood of different races. And finally, there is yet ...

Faculty Meetings with Rudolf Steiner: 1919-1922
Rudolf Steiner - 1998 - Preview - More editions
For instance: “... the anthroposophic [Theosophical] movement... must cast aside the division into races. It must seek to unite people of all races and nations, and to bridge the divisions and differences between various groups of people. The old ...

From Sunspots to Strawberries (P) - Page 131
Rudolf Steiner - 2002 - Preview
This is also true of the various human races. You have already spoken to us, Dr Steiner, about the evolution of humanity. A factor in this evolution must have been that each kind of being acquired what would benefit it. Different smells can be ...

The Christmas Conference for the Foundation of the General ... - Page 233
Rudolf Steiner - 1990 - Preview
And in those times people distinguished between many and varied races of gods. ... Following the human race in its development up to about the time of Ephesus we find that indeed the more advanced human individuals had taken for...

What Is Anthroposophy?: Three Perspectives on Self-Knowledge - Page 85
Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Christopher Bamford - 2002 - Preview - More editions
stated that ontogeny (the history of the embryo) recapitulates phylogeny (the history of the race). On the basis of these views, believing that "God reveals himself in all natural phenomena," Haeckel proposed a new pantheistic "natural religion ...

The Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World: Reality and Illusion - Page 92
Rudolf Steiner, Rene M. Querido, Jan Gates - 1996 - Preview - More editions
They bring the life of the individual and the life of broader groups of humanity — that is, peoples, races, and so on, into harmonious order. Within earthly evolution they have the task of bringing the individual soul into relationship with what we ...

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds: How Is It Achieved? - Page 199
Rudolf Steiner - 2004 - Preview - More editions
old he is required not merely to know his own tasks as a personality, but to work with conscious understanding at those of his people or his race. Every extension of his horizon enlarges the scope of his duties. What actually happens is that the...

Three Essays on Haeckel and Karma - Page 132
Rudolf Steiner - 1914 - Read - More editions
...remains of extinct races of lower men, which form a transition-link between the ape-like ancestor of man (Pithecanthropus) and the lower human races of the present day. Virchow declares these skulls to be abnormal, ...

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts: Anthroposophy as a Path of ... - Page 163
Rudolf Steiner - 1999 - Preview - More editions
In place of something more spiritual, the differentiation of races and ... In racesand nations it is earthly gravity which appears through the human body; in the spiritual groupings a mirrored image of the Divine-Spiritual world would have ...

An Outline of Esoteric Science - Page 250
Rudolf Steiner, Catherine E. Creeger - 1997 - Preview - More editions
Although the races of humanity that had already solidified before this period were able to continue reproducing for a long time, their bodies gradually grew so restricting for the souls incarnating into them that these races were forced to die out.

What Is Necessary in These Urgent Times
Rudolf Steiner - Preview
Nonetheless, people must recognize this reality, just as in earlier times they came to understand things we now consider anthropological truths—the intermingling of the races, and the division of the races, and so on. We must begin to consider ...

The Principle of Spiritual Economy in Connection With Questions of ... - Page 75
Rudolf Steiner - 1986 - Preview - More editions
Later, however, when their culture was already in a state of decline, it also became necessary to navigate the water, and this led the last cultural races of the Atlantean era first to embracing and then to realizing the idea of navigation and the ...

How to Know Higher Worlds - Page 112
Rudolf Steiner - 2008 - Preview - More editions
The presence of instincts, impulses, desires, egotistical wishes and all forms of selfishness, and so forth, expresses itself in this entanglement, as it does further in his membership in a race, a nation, and so forth; for peoples and races are but...

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment: An Esoteric ... - Page 114
Rudolf Steiner - Full view - More editions
persons by no means exhausts everything to be reckoned with in a family, a nation, or a race. Besides their character, families, nations, and races have also their destiny. For persons restricted to their senses these things remain mere general ...

An outline of occult science - Page 271
Rudolf Steiner - 1922 - Read - More editions
The races which, after many wanderings and varied fortunes, became the vehicles of this new civilization were descendants of those Atlanteans who had remained less affected than others by what had been going on meanwhile during the ...

Polarities in the Evolution of Mankind: West and East, Materialism ... - Page 15
Rudolf Steiner - 1987 - Preview - More editions
It has been said on a number of occasions, and also two days ago when I presented the subject from a slightly different point of view, that it is important for us to consider the evolution of the human race in the light of spiritual science and grow ...

From Jesus to Christ - Page 32
Rudolf Steiner - 2005 - Preview - More editions
We can see this quite clearly if we go through the Education of the Human Race. There is no doubt that human ... When the human race had gone further, it was given the second elementary book, the New Testament. And then Lessing sees in...

The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours : Selected Lectures ... - Page 132
Rudolf Steiner, Christopher Bamford - 1994 - Preview - More editions
This enlivening of the head is precisely what the divine direction of human evolution must oppose, for the human race must remain bound up with the evolution of the earth as it progresses through the further evolutionary stages of Jupiter, ...

Rhythms of Learning: What Waldorf Education Offers Children, ... - Page 20
Rudolf Steiner, Roberto Trostli - 1998 - Preview
Now this work of the I on the lower members may be something that is either proper to the whole human race, or it may be entirely ... In the former case the whole human race collaborates, as it were, in the transformation of the human being.

How Can Mankind Find the Christ Again?: The Threefold ... - Page 39
Rudolf Steiner - 1984 - Preview - More editionsThen during the ancient Persian epoch mankind grew younger: that is, the age of the human race, the capacity for development, fell back to the end of a man's forties. During the Egypto-Chaldean epoch it came between the thirty-fifth and the...

Theosophy: An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human ... - Page 72
Rudolf Steiner, Catherine E. Creeger - 1994 - Preview - More editions
No matter how great the differences between races, tribes, peoples and personalities may be, in all physical respects the similarity between two human beings is always greater than that between a human being and an animal of any species.

Astronomy and Astrology: Finding a Relationship to the Cosmos - Page 17
Rudolf Steiner, Margaret Jonas - 2009 - Preview
... reminds us that in our day, too, many people are still convinced that there is some connection between the stars and coming events in the life of individuals, and even of races. But prophetic knowledge, the prophetic art as it is called, was...

Egyptian Myths and Mysteries: Twelve Lectures, Leipzig, September ... - Page 142
Rudolf Steiner - 1971 - Preview - More editions
Among the Asiatic population there are races that have remained at the Atlantean level, although externally they must, of course, move ahead with the earth evolution. Among the Mongolian peoples much of Atlantis has remained. They are...

Verses and Meditations - Page 7
Rudolf Steiner - 2004 - Preview - More editions
That this is happening to-day is also characteristic of the tendency of our time towards a greater universality — breaking down barriers between races, continents and cultural traditions, shewing more readiness to learn from one another, ...

The Kingdom of Childhood: Seven Lectures and Answers to Questions ... - Page 30
Rudolf Steiner, Helen Fox - 1995 - Preview - More editions
They say of primitive races that their feeling for the world is "animism," that is, they treat lifeless objects as though they were "ensouled." They say that to understand children you must imagine that they do the same as these primitive peoples, ...

According to Matthew: The Gospel of Christ's Humanity
Rudolf Steiner, Catherine E. Creeger - 2003 - Preview - More editions
He shows how each of the Gospels presents a different lens onto Christ's life and message.Here Steiner focuses on Matthew, revealing it as the Gospel that most emphasizes the humanity of Christ. But Steiner does not stop there.

Anthroposophic Movement
Rudolf Steiner, Joan M. Thompson - 1993 - Preview
This book is an important work for those interested in the history of and impulse behind the anthroposophic movement; for those seeking insights into an important stage in the history of the Mysteries; and for those who wish to know more of ...

The Fifth Gospel: From the Akashic Record - Page 59
Rudolf Steiner - 1995 - Preview
Your study of spiritual science will have shown that everything in the evolution of humanity is interconnected, and that an event of such importance in the life of a human soul so deeply bound up with the destiny of the human race is also ...

Gospel of St. Matthew - Page 151
Rudolf Steiner - 2003 - Preview - More editions
Hence, referring to the persecution of these representatives of the future race, this Beatitude declares : ' Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake ; for in themselves they will find the Kingdom of Heaven '. The ninth and last ...

Esoteric Christianity and the Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz: ... - Page 55
Rudolf Steiner - 2000 - Preview
It was also Christian Rosenkreutz' influence working invisibly on Lessing35 that inspired him to write The Education of the Human Race (1780). Because of the rising tide of materialism it became more and more difficult for inspiration to come...

From Mammoths to Mediums: Answers to Questions - Page 224
Rudolf Steiner - 2000 - Preview
The way people are today one would assume that conscience is dead for a large part of the human race. Rudolf Steiner: You see, gentlemen, that is really a big question, but it does relate to the things we have been considering in the previous...

Spiritualism, Madame Blavatsky & Theosophy: An Eyewitness View of ... - Page 295
Rudolf Steiner, Christopher Bamford - 2002 - Preview - More editions
... the present selction) Steiner says: "I told you some time ago that in the secret brotherhoods, especially those which grew so powerful from the time of James I onward, it was taught as an obvious truth that the Anglo-Saxon race — as they put...

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