Waldorf teachers often find great spiritual significance in the drawings created by their students.
In this, they are guided by such Anthroposophical works as 
in which author Michaela Strauss explains, among other things, that when a child draws a house,
s/he is expressing the recent experience of being incarnated on the Earth.
"In no other motif can one see the multiple experiences in the process of human incarnation
so clearly as in the motif of the house." [p. 58]

On the other hand, many drawings produced by Waldorf students are simply copies of works
created on the chalkboard by their teachers.

In any case, a distinctive Waldorf style is often evident in Waldorf students' drawings,
along with reflections — some subtle, some overt — of Anthroposophical beliefs.

Here are a few sample Waldorf student drawings, most done by kids in the USA,
a few by kids in France.