Accessing your H drive


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H drive from Cubberley Library 

Here are the Mac procedures for accessing the H drive or Webfolder from a Mac.

You need to log into one of our Little Tree lab computers at least once. The first time you log in, a Windows login script will run and create your H drive.

For shared drives, please check with SUSE IT to make you are included as a user for that drive.

Using Tiger (Mac OS X v10.4) or Leopard (Mac OS X v10.5):
- From the Finder's Go menu, select Connect to Server or use the keyboard shortcut Command (Apple)-K.

 - Type in and save (using the + button): SUnet ID>/     

In the log into window, type in your SUnet ID and SUnet password. Save this in the keychain, if you wish. The result is that your H drive is now available in the Finder:

Note: you can click on these images to make them larger...

This is also accessible via the web, if you type in the same URL above into Safari (OS X 10.3.9 or later), but you can only download files. To upload files, you need to use the Finder's built-in WebDAV client.

Note: you can insert "lab" or the name of a shared drive in place of the SUnet ID in the URLs above, for access to those drives.

For Mac OS X v10.3.9 and earlier, you will need using a third party app called Goliath, which is available here: 

Run the same procedures in Goliath.

Shared cross-platform environments may require more limited naming conventions.  Preparing for this in advance, may save last minute problems uploading files.