H drive from Cubberley Library


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Accessing your H drive 

From Cubberley Library's Windows machines, you can use the following to gain access to your H drive.

(1) Double-click on My Computer

(2) Click on My Network Places on the left

(3) Click Add New Network Place on the left

(4) In the Wizard that comes up, Click Next, then Choose Another Network Location and click Next again

(5) In the field Internet or Network Address, type: 

https://webfolder.stanford.edu/<your SUNet ID>

(6) This will bring up your usual login window for your SUNet ID and password

(7) Click next and finish.

Once you have done this on a Windows computer in the Stanford libraries or computer cluster, this setting will be available in your Network Places. Clicking there will quickly bring up the login window in step 6.