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Practice Our Graduation Songs
You need to have all the lyrics memorized by May 22.

Student of the Month: 
All-Around Excellent Citizenship
 The students of class 5-325 worked collaboratively to select our final Student of the Month.  They discussed the attributes and behaviors that distinguish excellent citizens of our class, then worked as teams to choose classmates to nominate for this honor.  They based these choices on criteria that they had brainstormed, and used specific examples to support their choices.  After a class discussion, we reached consensus.
      Congratulations to Joey Zhang our Student of the Month for All-Around Excellent Citizenship.  Your classmates agree that you are a model student, a cooperative team player, and an endlessly curious learner.  Congratulations, as well, to all the other nominees, and to all the citizens of class 5-325 who participated in this challenging process.

Place your Scholastic Book Order online.  Our class code is: Q7YHM