A Community of Thinkers

Student of the Month
Image result for creative clipartThe citizens of class 5-325 engaged in selecting our student of the month for CREATIVITY.  They developed a list of the behaviors through which a member of class shows that they take they are pushing themselves to do their best as a creative thinker, and then discussed those classmates who demonstrate those behaviors.  After a challenging conversation, the class selected Thaniel Wong as our student of the month for creativity.

Congratulations to Thaniel and all the citizens of class 5-325 for the deep thinking and kindness with which they took on this challenging task.

The question of what it means to be transgender came up in class today, and I told you that there were two excellent children's books on the topic.  Here they are.  Click on the books to be linked to them at Amazon.com.   Both are also available through the Queens Library.