Contact Us

Messages to Walden Woods can be emailed to the follow addresses with the format


where <addressee> is one of the following:
  • arc             - messages to the Architectural Review Committee
  • board         - messages to the WWHOA Board
  • ca               - messages to the Common Area Committee
  • escrow       - messages to Escrow coordinator
  • events        - messages to the Events Committee
  • firewise      - messages to the Firewise Committee
  • news           - news items requested to be sent to the neighborhood (must be resident)
  • president   - messages to WWHOA Board President
  • records       - address, phone changes/additions/deletions
  • secretary    - messages to WWHOA Board Secretary
  • treasurer    - messages to WWHOA Board Secretary
  • vp               - messages to WWHOA Board Vice-President

note:  actual email address does not contain spaces
For example, escrow demand requests may be sent to escrow@

If uncertain, please address message to president@