Automatic Notification System

Walden Woods has an automated phone call system (Walden Woods Automatic Notification System- WANS) to notify residents in the event of a critical situation such as fire danger, crime alert, water outage or sewer problem.   

Each lot can have multiple notification phone numbers on the call list (e.g., home, cell, business, and family member phones).

Additional information can be found in the Emergency FAQ section.

The call list is operated by volunteers and can not be guaranteed. 

Emergency Action:
Call any member of the WWHOA Board or the FLMWC Hotline:
  • WWHOA:  Diana Butler 660-1797, Alan Withers 652-3575, Netti Johnston 916-316-0344,                                         Denese Holden 652-0856, Tonja Jantz 916-206-2960
  • FLMWC:  916 572-3569
The respondee will provide the message and initiate the automated system.
Registration Process:
  • The call list contains the phone numbers provided to WWHOA by the resident and includes both homeowners and renters. 
  • Changes may be communicated via an email request to  However, more than 4 numbers per lot at any time during the year (owner and renter combined) will incur an additional $10 WWHOA annual assessment.
  • Numbers may be removed via an email request to 
  • The system is typically tested twice per year, once before the summer fire season and once before the winter holidays.
  • There will be an email advisory two weeks before the test.  This will allow any last minute additions or deletions be made prior to a test.