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WWHOA Fall Firewise Green Waste Removal/Disposal Effort and Dumpster Rules

posted Oct 13, 2018, 11:40 PM by Diana Butler

With renewed/increased interest in fire mitigation efforts, Walden Woods is holding a fall effort to continue green waste removal/disposal.  The Walden Woods Fall Firewise Community Clean-up effort will be from Thursday, Oct 18 – Sunday, Oct 21 with Walden Woods HOA providing two dumpsters located at the entrance to Mimus Lane and at the end of Vireo Way.  NOTE: The dumpsters are designated for GREEN waste only, including only leaves, grass and brush.  Nothing other than leaves, grass or brush is allowed in the dumpsters. 

The WWHOA will once again also pay for the county chipping service as well.  Gena Howells has collected a list of 12 participants to date who have requested to have chipping done.  I will list those in a subsequent email so those folks know we have them on the list.  If there are others who would like to be added to the chipping participant list please notify I will also be sending an email with the rules for chipping. 


Please respect the following dumpster rules:

·        Dumping Times
Thursday through Sunday until full (see rules below).

·        NO TRASH – GREEN ONLY – IF ANY trash is put in dumpsters, Recology will bill a considerable more amount to the HOA for the dumpsters.  PLEASE – it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure GREEN ONLY!!

·        NO dirt, sod, rock, concrete, palm fronds, cactus or tree stumps.

·        Do NOT load the front (by the open doors) until the back is full 
Please stack your debris starting from the back. 

·        Materials must be evenly distributed and cannot exceed the rim of the box
Do not just throw in large, airy limbs that take up a lot of space. Trim them down and make room for more yard debris and trash.

·        Brush – Brush that is not cut down to allow it to lay down inside the dumpster quickly fills up the dumpsters.  Please ensure you do not leave brush bushy – cut it down so it lays down to allow better use of the dumpster space. 

·        Take advantage of the county chipping service were arranging for the week following October 21, paid for by WWHOA.


    • Please NOTE:  These dumpsters are for Walden Woods Residents only and not for commercial use.


    • For people who use a landscape service, YOU are responsible to ensure your landscape service handles your green waste as they always do – either put it in your green Recology bin OR haul it away themselves.  They are NOT allowed to use the dumpsters in lieu of hauling away as they normally do.

    • IF you do not use a scheduled landscape service and you are participating in the Firewise clean-up event by having someone do a ONE TIME clean-up of your property, they may use the dumpsters to dispose of your GREEN waste.  YOU are responsible to ensure they take ONLY green waste to the dumpster and cut it up sufficiently to allow it to lay down to best utilize dumpster space. NO OTHER REFUSE/TRASH ALLOWED!!  Please take YOUR responsibility seriously as we have had numerous problems in past years following the ONLY GREEN – NO TRASH rule. IF WE HAVE PROBLEMS WITH TRASH IN THE DUMPSTERS, IT WILL COST THE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION CONSIDERABLE MORE COST FOR THE DUMPSTERS!