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Walden Woods Notices

posted Jun 5, 2017, 12:37 PM by WWHOA Treasurer

Dear Walden Woods Residents,


Years ago we had a phone tree in Walden Woods.  However, it was difficult to maintain so with the advent of technology, we adopted the automated dialing system through Calling Post.  This service costs WWHOA each time it is used and requires us to keep track of everyone’s phone numbers and record the notice information. This service mainly focused on fire alerts and later expanded to more general alerts.  The board also tested this system a few times as an announcement for the Annual Meeting. Technology continues to expand.


Nowadays there are numerous groups that provide alerts regarding our area.   These exist to keep residents informed of a variety of situations.  We have listed some of the available alerts you can subscribe to yourself in the attached pdf file.  Please share any additional sources you think might be of interest to your neighbors by sending it to or by selecting ‘Reply All’ to this message.


Due to the expansive and varied free alerts that are out there, the board has elected to recognize the expanded technology of the various reporting groups and offer these in place using of our subscription to Walden Woods Automatic Notification System (WANS). The Board will continue to use the Walden Woods News to communicate this type of information to you when the board is aware of it. It also allows any of our residents to submit alerts for distribution. Please be sure to keep us apprised of your current email so you do not miss out on these messages.  Updates may be sent to


If you have any questions, please contact the board.


The Walden Woods HOA Board of Directors


Attachment:  PDF file of Alert Systems Around Walden Woods

WWHOA Treasurer,
Jun 5, 2017, 12:37 PM