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Fall Firewise Green Waste Fire Mitigation

posted Oct 13, 2018, 11:39 PM by Diana Butler

The Fall Green Waste Fire Mitigation Effort will be held the four days, Thursday, Oct 18 - Sunday, Oct 21, with two dumpsters available, followed by the county chipping service.

The Chipping Service will be requested for immediately following the cleanup weekend but actual date is dependent on county chipping schedule.  You should plan to have all materials to be chipped at the end of your driveway or curb by October 21 with stem ends placed facing the street.

1.     NO poison oak or berry vines

2.     NO Dozier piles

3.     Nothing larger than 12” in diameter at cut end of stem

4.     Chips will be blown back onto your yard however, all branches to be chipped should be situated so that the chips will NOT be blown back onto your water or utility boxes!

The WWHOA will be paying for the service so everyone please utilize this service and save room in the dumpsters for all other GREEN waste.

Please contact Phil Jantz at with your name, phone number and street address by October 17 to participate.  Phil will coordinate the address list with the county chipping service.