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Camera System survey letter

posted Dec 18, 2016, 1:30 PM by Diana Butler

To Walden Woods Neighbors,


Our community is looking at the idea of installing a surveillance camera at the front entrance of our neighborhood.  It would function 24/7 to capture the traffic on public areas which would be our road leading into our subdivision.  We currently have enough “long term project” funds to support one camera at the front for approximately $5,000.00 with no additional assessment required.  At this point, we are focusing on just one camera. As funds become available, we can consider a second camera near Boulder Road.  In the meantime, it may be possible for law enforcement to view footage from the camera on Twin Rocks for traffic leaving from our back entrance. 


Many people feel the presence of a surveillance camera is a deterrent to crime.  The data from this camera will likely be used after the fact of a criminal event to help give law enforcement leads and a piece of evidence.  Law enforcement feels that personal cameras give better evidence if the incident is captured effectively.  We are asking for your views on installing a camera at the front entrance.  At this time, we do not anticipate any on-going maintenance fees as access to the footage would only be needed if there was a request from law enforcement to view it.


There will be a WWHOA policy basically indicating the camera may only be used at the request of law enforcement.  This is not for WWHOA’s or anyone’s personal use.  Many questions may surface and we would like your thoughts and concerns about installing a surveillance camera.


Please take a moment to give us your opinion by completing a one-question survey. There will also be a place in the survey for your comments and questions.  The survey will be sent in the next few days to one email per lot.  Surveys will be emailed to one of the following, in order: 1) the email on file from the last survey, 2) the first email address listed for your household in the WWHOA Directory, 3) one of the emails on file for your lot.  To designate a particular email to use for your household please send your request within the next few days to  The survey will be open until 1/2/2017 to collect your responses.


This is an anonymous survey, but if you wish to add your name, you may do so in the comment area.


Thank you for participating and giving us your views.