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Board Meeting November 14,2017 @6:30 at 8530 WWW

posted Nov 11, 2017, 2:57 AM by Diana Butler


Walden Woods Homeowners  Association, Inc.

8530 Walden Woods Way

November 14, 2017

6:30 PM


I.              Call to order

II.            Open discussion from members.

III.          Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting & Oct 9 Meeting

IV.          Committee Reports

A.   Common Area

a.   Drainage committee update

b.   Invasive plants

c.    Annual maintenance

d.   Lot 103.12 remove cut-up tree

e.   Healthy forest

f.     Firewood Day in CA:  November 18, Saturday

B.   Architectural Review Committee

a.   PIA Report

b.   Vacancy appointment

c.    Lot 73 status—process to alter 

d.   Lot 73: confirm timeline extension

e.   New “Utility Shed in setback” policy

C.   Community Events:

a.   Storage shed

b.   Oktoberfest

c.    Halloween Watch

d.   Carriage Ride

D.  Firewise

E.   Front Entrance

F.    Neighborhood Watch

V.            Treasurer’s Report

A.   Current budget review

                                            a.     Status of Annual Dues Billing

                                            b.     Resolution to File a Lien (17008-??? 

B.   Two payment plan review and issues

C.   2018 Annual Assessment

D.  2018 Pro Forma Operating Budget

VI.          Year End mailing

VII.        Appoint standing committees/chairs for 2017/2018

A.   Committee Chairs

                                            a.     ARC Chair: Denese Holden

                                            b.     Common Area Chair: Bill Furnas

                                            c.     Community Events Chair: Alan Withers

                                            d.     Firewise Chair: Phil Jantz

                                            e.     Front Entrance Chair: Gena Howells

                                             f.     Neighborhood Watch Chair:  Alan Withers

                                            g.     Litigation Committee: Diana Butler & Netti Johnston

                                            h.     Treasurer Assistant:  Carrie Enos

                                              i.     Data Coordinator:  Dorothy Sabino

                                              j.     Welcoming Committee: Betsy Majors, Alan Withers, Danielle Ruden, Rosemary Griffin-Ragsdale

                                            k.     ARC Committee:  Denese Holden, Bill Kenney, Caroline Alexander-Furnas, Hal Eilersen

VIII.      Next meeting:  December 5, 2017 at 6:30 at 6720 Boulder Rd