I'm interested in science: how it works, how it has changed, why it takes the forms it does, what it has to say about some of our deepest questions and how philosophy and science intersect. My research focuses on the role of mathematics in scientific theories, especially in the early modern period culminating in the work of Kant. I am also interested in the history and development of the philosophy of language in the analytic tradition.

Here are some recent published papers:
  • 'Kant's Argument from the Applicability of Geometry', Kant Studies Online, 2012 available here
  • 'From Ordinary Language to Definition in Kant and Bolzano', in Grazer Philosophical Studies. 
Here are some works in progress: 
  • Kantian Intuition in the Science of Geometry  draft
  • An Aphorism in Opposition: Wittgenstein, Kürnberger and the Motto of the Tractatus  draft