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Click on the underlined text to take you to these useful sites: 

Bush Traditions  Gathering will tell you all you need to know about the  Bush Traditions Festival held at Goulburn on the Labor Day long weekend (October). It's also a great site for getting hold of other information about traditional Australian music, song and folklore.  

Bush Music Club Inc. will tell you about the Bush Music Club, Australia's oldest organisation concerned with our folklore. They have useful material for sale, publish a newsletter and hold many events including an annual Heritage Ball.

Trad and Now is an Australian organisation set up by enthusiasts which publishes a magazine, promotes folk activities, and has an on-line shop selling a huge range of products related to folk . We highly recommend that you visit this site and browse through their shop (see our Recordings page)

Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club Inc is an organisation devoted to the promotion and dissemination of Australian folk music, songs, folklore and dance. They have produced many valuable resources including books, pamphlets and C.D.'s. Some published tune books are very cheap, and they even give away sheet music on line (see our Learning to Play page). They have held a number of festivals and colonial balls, wilst the band of the same name, Wongawilli, has produced a number of C.D.'s featuring Australian folk songs and tunes.

The Horton River Band, recently renamed "The Horton River Boys", are musical colleagues. Jeff and Julie played with the band during the 1980's. Their website is superb. Check out the biographies of featured traditional  musicians, and the great audio features.

Newcastle and Hunter Valley Folk Club ... for those of you who live close by, this site tells you all you need to know about folk goings-on around Newcastle, and further abroad.