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WF Spring Artisan Market

The Spring Artisan Market has a new date!
June 5th with a rain date of June 12th

Renaissance Centre

Sara Roberts will be our new Renaissance Centre Liason and will be scheduling and curating the group shows at the Renaissance Centre.   Sara is an art teacher at Wake Forest HS and has been an active volunteer with the WFGA.  She has an established relationship with the Renaissance Centre staff through her community art classes.   Her personal art work is mixed media with a focus on celebrating the best of north carolina. 

Her email is:

phone: 919-609-8985

Please review the guidelines for preparing your art for display.


Also helping with the group shows will be Christy Colebank.  Christy is a member of our steering committee and a passionate volunteer.  She is one of our longest standing members of the WFGA.  Her artwork is inspired by her faith and she is fearless in trying new media and techniques.  The group show not only takes organizing, planning, and promoting, but it also takes dedicated volunteers to help guide the events along.  

Hey artists!

We have 4 more shows this year! And here’s some exciting news... for or our May show, the @wakeforestrencen will be hosting live, in person tours!!!  You can reserve your spot for upcoming shows on signup genius. Please sign up for only 1 spot, even if you are bringing more than one piece. Signups will be posted a month before each show.

Here are upcoming show dates, drop off/pickups and themes:
May 4- Pickup/Drop Off 4-6 pm
May 5- Show: All Things Bright and Beautiful, A New Beginning (Think vibrant colors!)

It’s time to sign up for or All Things Bright and Beautiful show! 

Drop off is May 4 and the show runs May 4-July 6

Sign up to participate:

July 6- Pickup/Drop Off 4-6 pm
July 7- Show: The Masters, Work Inspired by Well known Artists (Think sunflowers/Vangogh, sailboats/Winslow Homer, Self portraits/Frida Kahlo etc.)

September 7-  Pickup/Drop Off 4-6 pm
September 8- Show: Dog Days of Summer (Think warm colors, summer themes, early autumn, puppies)

November 2-  Pickup/Drop Off 4-6 pm
November 3- Show: A Few of mr Favorite Things (Think: what do you love, make it!)

All Things Bright & Beautiful New Beginnings

The Wake Forest Renaissance Centre and the Wake Forest Guild of Artists will host the “All Things Bright & Beautiful – New Beginnings” Walk-Through Art Exhibit on Thursday, May 13, from 4-7 p.m.Over 20 artists will display their works of art in a variety of mediums and styles, including acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings, sculpture, jewelry, glasswork, encaustic,

WakeMed North

WakeMed North Hospital has for some time worked with the Wake Forest Guild to display work from our members monthly. The schedule and more information may be found on the "Artist Opportunities" page.

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