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Statement to School Board at March 19, 2009 Meeting               Lorraine Monaco

Comments on SLEEP presentations at March 19, 2009 Meeting   Navy Study

Statements to School Board at March 5, 2009 Meeting

                                Betty Ann Dobrenz                               Ted Velkoff

                                Stacy Capra                                         Lorraine Monaco

                                Mark Meana                                        Christy McFerren

FCPS Information      The Proposed Schedule (draft, iteration #3)

                                 Proposed bus schedule (draft; iteration 3)

                                 FCPS online survey; info about proposal, info for meetings

                                 FCPS Impact on Athletics

Handouts                  What Will Happen if the FCPS Late-bell Schedule is Approved ?

                                ¿Qué pasaría si la propuesta  el cambio en la hora de entrada al colegio?

                                 Parent Action Plan              Pasos de la acción para los padres!

                                 Summary            Costs are widespread & significant

                                 Introduction        What is the proposal?  Why do people support the proposal? 

                                                           Better sleep for teens sounds great; why wouldn't that be a good idea?

                                 Costs and comparisons      What are the costs?  Is this a No-cost Proposal? 

                                                            Haven't other school districts done this successfully; can't we?

                                 Extra-curriculars   Why are people worried about losing extra-curriculars and sports?

                                                            Why are swim teams so worried? 

                                                            Why worry about extra-curriculars (academics most important?)

                                Effect on Middle Schools: Students & Employees

                                Didn't the FCCPTA endorse the proposal?

Statements           Joint Statement from WAKE, SOS, and TTF Minority Chair, March 2, 2009 

                            Letter to Board: Realistic Review of Minneapolis 2/23/2009    (attachment)

                            Letter to Board: Literature Review - Effect of School Times on Grades 2/23/2009

                            Joint Statement from WAKE, SOS, and TTF Minority Chair 2/5/2009

                            Middle-school After-school Programs 2/2009

                            No Cost Proposal? 2/2009

                            Statement in response to SLEEP Press Release 2/11/2009 

                            Response to Washington Post Article (unpublished letter)  2/9/2009 


Community Input      The Northern Region Athletic Administrators Association (NRAAA), 3/2009

                                 Vienna Youth, Incorporated (VYI), 2/26/09

                                 Fairfax County Athletic Council 2/23/09

                                 County Executive to Board of Supervisors 2/9/09

                                 Fairfax County Athletic Council 2/12/09

                                 Statement from Curle-Burke Swim (J&M Swim)  2/16/09 

                                 Chantilly High School Athletic Boosters 1/15/09

                                 Statement from Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association, 2/2009 

                                 Pros and Cons of Proposed Bell Schedule, Chantilly High School PTSA

                                           en Espanol: opinion de las personas a favor at que se opponen

                                           in Korean (pros and cons of late-bell proposal)

Academic Effects       Literature Review: Effect of School Start Times      

                                 Impact of Later Start Times on Academic Success in Minnesota

                                 Fact Sheet FCPS Middle-school After-school Program