Save Our Sport - Web site devoted to the issue of what will happen to Swim & DIve if late-bell proposal is approved

School board members - contact your school-board member

Transportation Task Force -  Information about the School Board's 2007 Task Force to study bell changes; read Majority and Minority Report

After-school activities - read about effect of proposal on after-school activities

Disruptions to Community - read about effect of proposal on traffic; community; families, FCPS employees

Sample - What About Kelly & Ed?   What happens to two sample FCPS students under the proposal?

The Proposed Schedule - Iteration 3 from Facilities and Transportation; list of schools & their start & end times and the proposed bus schedule

Media  - In the news

What happened in Orange County, Florida?  See these links:


When teens are faced with a situation where it's difficult to get enough sleep, researchers do offer some suggestions for how to cope:  How to Help Sleepy Students

The SLEEP web site and the school board's Transportation Task Force sites have links to research on the benefits of better sleep for teens, and the special sleep needs of teens.  Please refer to these sites for more detailed information on those topics.