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COMMUNITY MEETINGS & Online Survey The school board hosted 7 community meetings February 24-26 - and an online survey through 2-28 -- results posted on FCPS web site.

What's Next - School Board will have a work session on Monday, March 9  -- Agenda includes budget and late-bell proposal.   Work session starts at 9am -- different topics are scheduled throughout the day -- the late-bell proposal is scheduled for the session that starts at 3pm.  There are no public speakers; but people can attend and take notes. (limit 85 seats in room -- room 1600 of Gatehouse Admin Center: 8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church VA)


         Summary          Costs are widespread & significant

         Introduction      What is the proposal?  Why do people support the proposal? 

                                 Better sleep for teens sounds great; why wouldn't that be a good idea?

         Costs and comparisons      What are the costs?  Is this a No-cost Proposal? 

                                                 Haven't other school districts done this successfully; can't we?

        Extra-curriculars   Why are people worried about losing extra-curriculars and sports?

                                   Why are swim teams so worried? 

                                   Why worry about extra-curriculars (aren't academics most important?)


There is a petition on the web site Save Our Sport -- sosinfcps.com  

another started by a parent at Parent Petition

"Preserve the Time" petition   (added 2/17/09)

and another started by a group of FCPS employees is at  Employee Petition

NOTE ON PETITIONS:  The most important feedback for the school board is the online survey that they posted Monday, February 9. It will close February 28.


Check out research and letters in  Reading Material

Here's a flyer for distribution (also available en Espanol   ¿Qué pasaría si la propuesta de la FCPS sobre el cambio en la hora de entrada al colegio?)

Here's an "action plan" also suitable for distribution:   English   en Espanol  Pasos de la acción para los padres!

Read these letters on Middle-Schools After-School Programs  

and details about Is it a No-Cost Proposal?

If you have questions about the late-bell proposal, contact your school-board member with those questions.

Show up to speak at a community meeting - the school board is planning meetings for the week of February 23.

 To sign up to speak at a regular business meeting of the school board: Click here  or call 571-423-1075 to sign up by phone.

Here's a flyer that was created to hand out at high-school swim meets.

Write letters to your local paper or The Washington Post.

Contact the Board of Supervisors.

Read the TTF reports and the proposed bus schedule.

Mostly --- talk to friends and other members of the community about the costs associated with the curent proposal.

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 Are you concerned about your teenager not getting enough sleep?   Research has shown there are ways to help teens get more sleep . . .

How to Help Sleepy Students