For the purpose of educating those who seek information about our community and need more info about the DCC&R, Design Committee Rules, and Charter of Incorporation, please refer to below attached documents.  This is for the purpose of informing the community not for the purpose of making money.  This is going by first amendment rights. 

Documents provided by Hawaiian Properties, LTD.  2011.

Please do not use this site to complain or leave comments other than to perhaps leave updated information.

BE WARNED:  Any additions or changes to your home may be in jeopardy if you do not follow the rules of the Gentry Waipio Community Associations governing documents.  You need to read below documents (check all of them) to find what may be required of you.  Many changes / modifications / replacements to your home that are visually seen either through street access or from another home may not be acceptable by the GWCA board of directors and Hawaiian Properties, LTD based on the GWCA governing documents.

Your home owners manual that may have come with your original home may not be valid as some have found out the hard way.

As a home owner you will need to know your rights and also know what restrictions are in place.  Many of these restrictions are for property value protection and also a way to ensure that we keep a respectable community.

Who do you need to know:

Site Manger:   Sheryl Kaseli   P: 671-2272  F: 671-0996   eMail: gwca@hawaiiantel.net

Board of Directors:   No information given at this time.  You are able to leave a comment below to leave names of board members.  You will need to have a Google account or gmail account to access the comments portion.

Vice President Condominium Division and Agent for GWCA:  John Jepsen Jr.    P: 539-9719  eMail:  johnj@hawaiianprop.com:  All requests and proposals for design approvals need to be submitted to the association and Mr. Jepsen Jr. is the person who reviews these along with the board.

Association attorney:  John Morris - Mr. Morris specifically stated that he only talks through the association and not to members of the community.  Suggestion is to go through Mr. Jepsen for questions.

No further information is available:

1.  Meetings - times and dates

2.  Meeting minutes

3.  Association fees

4.  Amendments

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