Thank you for visiting our site.  The Waipahu Soto Mision Bon Dance Class was created to help those interested in learning the various Soto bon dances that are done on Oahu, Molokai and parts of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Periodically members of the Hawaii Eisa Shinyuu Kai are asked to lead eisa dances for part of the class sessions to help members learn the eisa style dances that are done at the Soto Missions on Oahu.  Part of each class session will also be open to dances from other dance groups as well, enabling members to learn different temple dances and styles.
Through the classes, dance leaders and the temple hope to foster good relations between the temple and the community at large.  Classes are generally held once a month for two hours (see Classes for more information).  The general public is invited to come and join.  No registration fees (donations are welcomed) or previous bon dance experience are required so please come and visit us at our next class.  Please bring a tenugui (towel), uchiwa (fan) and water to class.
Note: Please park in the upper parking lot of the temple (near Waipahu Elementary School). The smaller lower lot is used by the reverend for his guests.