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The Greater Los Angeles Charter of the Women in Aviation International officer positions are for one year term. Please come to a meeting if you are interested in volunteering with us.

Our current officers for 2016 are:


Laura Miner

As a little girl I always wanted to be an astronaut and I loved being up in the air flying during our family trips. One day in high school I saw a sign for ACE Camp (Aviation Career Education) and went home and asked my parents if I could go. This was where it all started for me. After a week of fun aviation activities during ACE Camp, I was hooked. I began flying at Flying Cloud in Eden Prairie, MN during high school and earned my Private Pilot license senior year. I attended college at the University of North Dakota where I double majored in Commercial Aviation and Marketing. During college I flight instructed & conducted stage checks. When I graduated, I went on and decided to use my marketing degree where I worked in  Aviation Sales for a company out of Los Angeles. I sold aircraft & aircraft repairs at a MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) for commercial & corporate aircraft as well as helicopters. While my dream was always to one day work for a major airline, I decided to get back into flying and am now flying & doing Pilot Recruitment for Compass Airlines. This has been an amazing adventure and have loved every part of it and couldn't have asked for anything else!


Vice President

Christina King

My name is Christina King. I attended the University of North Dakota, where I attained a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics Degree, with a major in Commercial Aviation, and all of my fixed wing ratings. During my time there I was a WAI member all 4 years, and VP my Junior year. After graduation I stayed and became a flight instructor. I instructor primarily international students, in a Cessna 172, for a year and a half. Continuing my career I left UND and became a First Officer for Cape Air, flying a Cessna 402. After 9 months on the line I upgraded to Captain and flew for a year, mostly single pilot. I am now a First Officer at Compass Airlines, flying an ERJ175 out of LAX. 
I'm very excited to finally be based and living in the same area and hope to start settling in, getting to know the area, and getting involved with the local aviation community.


Fallon Winslow

I started flying at age 21 when my Dad told me if he could go back in time, he would have been a pilot. I started taking flying lessons and haven’t stopped flying since. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University and earned my CFIIME ratings by the time I was 25 years old. I worked as a Flight Instructor, then moved to Hawaii to fly a small turbo prop inter-island, and soon after that started as a First Officer for the Regional Airlines. Years later, I became a Captain and continued to advance my career becoming a First Officer at a Legacy Airline where I plan to work my way to Captain. Over the years I have enjoyed staying very heavily involved in our aviation community mentoring other women working toward a flying career. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world and am extremely blessed to get to be involved with this wonderful organization. 


Tami Casas

I am currently a Captain at Compass Airlines. My love of airplanes and flying started from my first flight as a child and has continued to grow with each passing year. They say do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life, and it is true! I have enjoyed the whole journey, from the thrill of my first solo, to teaching others and sending them up for their first solo. I've been flying for the regional airlines now for eight years, first flying turboprops, then CRJ's and now the EMB 175. I look forward to one day flying for a major airline. I have been blessed with great friends throughout the industry, but WAI and the Greater LA Chapter really fosters a sisterhood focused on my aviation passion


Jessica Prince  

My aviation career began when I was a little girl and my family would go to the airport to watch the airplanes takeoff and land.  I didn't know it then that I would choose to go to school to become a pilot but I fulfilled my dream and continued my path.  I went to the University of North Dakota where I flight trained and earned all of my certificates and ratings and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics.  I remained in Grand Forks, ND to flight instruct and build flight time as well as became a check airman where I was given the opportunity to test and give other students their certificates. As time went on I wanted to fly other places and bigger airplanes so I applied to Horizon Air and was hired into the Bombardier Q-400.  I currently fly as a captain and conduct our potential new hire interviews. I would not change the direction my life has gone so I try and give back and get other young women involved in the awesome aviation dream we call life.

Event Coordinator
Carolyn Jones 

After growing up around aviation, I fell in love with airplanes at quite a young age. My favorite part of a family vacation was surprisingly the airplane ride to the destination, and rarely the location itself.  It wasn’t until graduating from Boston College that I decided to start flight lessons, and quickly decided I wanted to pursue aviation as a professional career. As a result, I attended Middle Tennessee State University where I obtained my Master’s degree in aviation management and completed my flight ratings and certificates. I landed my first gig as a first officer flying passengers in a Cessna Caravan for a Part 135 airline.  After gaining enough experience, I transitioned to a regional airline and I am currently a first officer flying out of LAX in the Embraer-175. The support, encouragement, and resources I have received from becoming an active member of the Women in Aviation organization has helped me along every step of my journey as a pilot, and my goal is to give back to aviation community as much as I can. 

Outreach Chair

Deborah Bae

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