Who We Are

Aloha, Friends of Wailea Village,

The Wailea Village Historic Preservation Community (WVHPC) was established in 2002. Our mission statement is:
  1. to preserve the historic old buildings of Wailea Village that they may provide housing and services,
  2. to maintain the rural nature of the environment, and
  3. to sustain the country lifestyle for the current community and for generations to come.

Wailea today still has the feeling of a plantation village. In fact, on Nov. 7-11, 2016, it was used as the setting for a movie, “Jo, The Medicine Runner,” a movie set in Kona in the 1920’s. Other than Akiko's Buddhist B&B and Mochi Pounding, and this recent movie shoot, there has been very little change, except for a few younger renters who are drawn by cheaper rent and old village style living. Wailea's buildings and new residents are to be cherished; they are our connection to the past. Together, we are committed to honoring the old and welcoming the new.


Wailea Village Historic Preservation Community became a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2002. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Our main cultural event is the annual  Wailea Village Annual Mochi Pounding. In 2017, It will be celebrated on Saturday, December 30, 2017, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Last year, approximately 600 visitors participated.

Currently, Mochi Pounding and our public service activities are supported by donations, admission fees, and avid volunteers. Publicity is provided by the Hilo and O'ahu newspapers, posters, travel magazines, Activities Calendar on Alternative Hawaii and the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau, local radio stations, and word of mouth.

All of our village elders have “crossed over.” Mildred Ouye crossed over this past March. She was 105 years old. Their lives, their stories, and their values have shaped our vision and our mission, and for them we are deeply grateful.