Upcoming Events

Friday, Dec. 30th, 2016, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
19th Annual Wailea Village Mochi Pounding for the New Year

Akiko's over the years has become synonymous with MOCHI POUNDING. Started with 23 people, mostly neighbors, it has has grown to about 600-700 folks visiting our wee village.

Experience what now has become a tradition for many locals and visitors alike at our quiet little plantation village. Join us for the Wailea Village 19th annual mochi-tsuki celebration in making traditional rice cakes the "old-fashioned" way. Everyone takes their turn at pounding the glutinous sticky rice for good luck. 

Fire building starts at 7 a.m. to steam the rice. Hearty local style lunch available for $5. Activities include New Year's crafts, calligraphy, floral arrangements, plantation stories, Okinawan taiko drumming, Hawaiian entertainment and more. Come and enjoy a real cultural mix of everything that makes Hawaii so special.

To view a 2015 video, click here.

Call Miss Akiko at (808) 963-6422 or email msakaiko@hawaii.rr.com for more information.