Motivational & Keynote Speaker Wahoo Jacobs

 Discover how a golf lesson can help you have a different perspective on lifes challenges!!

My name is Wahoo Jacobs, a Mohawk Indian  who grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York near the Canadian border--a cold climate to be sure but a great place to grow up and learn patience (for summer!). I come from a diversified background  that allows me to be a helpful individual for many people.  

I got married in August of 1981 and started out doing different types of work, but with a passion for the electrical trades I soon became an electrican. My wife, Bambi, and I traveled all over the country working commerical and industrial jobs, gaining lots of experience and having plenty of adventures.  My son arrived in 1986 and added to our lives new experiences!! 

In 1998 golf found me.  I presently work as a Commercial Realtor in Tampa, Florida and was owner and president of a company called Domi Golf Group LLC, a golf management company that focuses on recovery and restructuring of small to mid-size golf courses.  I also owned a restaurant at a country club that was very challenging and educational.  I have worked prior as a General Manager of a country club,  Director of Golf,Head Golf Professional and Teaching Golf Professional for golf courses and have hosted a radio talk show called "Life on the Links" which was a radio show that deals with local golf and other golf related subjects.  I absolutely ENJOY teaching--whether it was with apprentices in the electrical trades, computers when I started an automation business in 1996, or working with golf students.  Teaching someone to do something they thought they couldn't do is a real joy to me.  I used a different method than most golf professionals for teaching and find it works well, especially when working with people who are physically challenged or sight impaired.  I call my method of teaching "Effortless Golf".  I taught this method of golf on a local TV show called "The Effortless Golf Workshop" which aired on BLAB TV in the Sarasota, Fl area.     

At this time in my life I want to expand my reach to help people.  I feel that from my life experiences I can be of service to many others who feel they too "can't do it".  I speak on the subject of team building for the work environment.

I presently live in Florida and am available for speaking engagements for local organizations and businesses.  I will gladly travel abroad as well.  I can be reached at
I hope we can talk soon!!