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We will schedule a convenient time to meet you and your pet in your home. This gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, discuss our services, be briefed as to the location of food, leash, litter, toys, treats, etc. We will also gather your contact information, your vet's information, details of any medication your pet requires, dates and frequency of service and of course a key to your home. If you would like us to bring-in your mail, water your plants, rotate your lights, open or close drapes, put out the trash, etc. we would be happy to do this for you.

We will spend a minimum of 30 minutes with your pet on each visit ensuring not only that they have food and water but also to spend some quality time with them and give them some fuss and attention. We will also administer any medication your pet requires and should they require medical attention while in our care we will personally take them to your vet. We recommend three visits per day for dogs and one/two visits per day for cats and other pets. Although we primarily care for dogs and cats we also take care of birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, pot bellied pigs, hamsters, mice, marine and freshwater water aquariums.

On the last day of service we ask that you call, text or email us to confirm you have returned home otherwise we will continue to provide our service until we are able to contact you. This ensures that should your return home be delayed for whatever reason you can rest assured that your pet is being taken care of.

Please have the following information available for our initial meeting:
Dates you will be away from home
How you can be contacted in case of emergency
Your vet's name, address and phone #
Any medications your pet requires
Any unusual habits your pet has
Any additional information we should know
Note: You may also download and complete the "Pet Information" form on our Download Forms page

Also, please ensure you have an adequate supply of pet food for the time you will be away and of course don't forget we will require a key to your home and any gate or alarm codes.

We will schedule an initial appointment to meet you and your pets and to discuss your specific needs and feeding requirements. 

The following additional services also available for a small extra charge:
- Bring in mail, packages and newspapers

Turn lights on/off to give your house a "lived in" appearance
- Open/close
 drapes and blinds
Water indoor house plants
- Check heating/air conditioning
- Put out the trash
- Administering pet medication



"We take care when you're not there"

Call Gina at WAGS Pet Services today! 
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