Peace Wagers with Paul K. Chappell at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center, Oct. 27, 2013. 


West Point graduate 
Iraq War vet, now serving 
as Peace Leadership 
Director of the NAPF 

Author of five books:
Will War Ever End?, 
The End of War,
Peaceful Revolution,
The Art of Waging Peace &
 The Cosmic Ocean

leadership trainer
on the use of
nonviolence to
wage peace


What others are saying:

"Captain Paul K. Chappell's insightful presentation on strategic nonviolent leadership inspired, empowered and equipped participants to work as activists for peace and social justice. He has developed an original, compelling, honest, realistic and pragmatic education program...the value and the need for this teaching cannot be overestimated.

Steve Gelb, Professor of Leadership Studies, University of San Diego

“Paul embodies the qualities of a true leader and warrior of peace: Kind, compassionate, accepting, empathetic, leading by example, truthful, and diligent.” 
– Karen Szillat
Founder, Nurtured Children Grow,  Seattle

“Whether you're a new activist or a veteran of the peace movement, freshen your skills tool box and learn to be a peace leader...You will learn not just skills to be a peace leader but you will gain life skills as well. I highly recommend this training.”
– Barry Ladendorf
President, Veterans for Peace, San Diego

"Paul provides a fresh perspective on peace issues, backed with extensive research and historical knowledge, as well as the skills that all activists need to be effective in challenging the war system and creating a culture of peace."
--Stephanie Knox Cubbon
Metta Center for Nonviolence