Using WAG

WAG is a free and open platform for water managemaent games development.
WAG is composed of several kits for different levels of use.

Ini-WAG is a  simple abstract and quick game for a general audience. It allows to explore general aspects of water usages and sharing without getting into discussion about specific details.

INI-WAG all-in-one boxes will be available soon. However you can already download INI-WAG files and make it up yourself when you have signed our users' commitment. Just follow the instructions there

Mini-WAG proposes out-of-the-box games on examplary local cases with a given scenario. It allows to understand and discuss water stakes through the experience of a concrete simplified case. 2 MINI-WAG games are available : 1 "North", tackling issues more specific to mediterean or european types of water basins and 1 "South", tackling issues more specific to semi-arid types of water basins.

Crea-WAG allows to modify a local case using the provided bricks and learns how to explore and manage it with a group.

  • Self-WAG finally consists of a methodological booklet, web services and blank bricks to guide you into creating and manage your own WAG application with a group