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The WAG bricks

WAG provides several types of configurable bricks to build up water management games.

Water tokens circulate on Hydrological structures which are connected to Sectors which are made up of Land Plot Cards (LPCs).

A role specifies activities that can be acquired and played by the player who holds the role during the game. More often, a player has access to a specific Sector only.

Activities need water and ressources and return (polluted) water and (other kind of) ressources. 

Finally, events may be drawn in order to introduce uncertainities and risks.

It is important to understand the conceptual difference between Sectors, Roles, Players, LPCs and Activities.
  • a Sector is a geographic entity. It is an area made up of Land Plots
  • a Sector has property or access rights. Most sectors are private : only 1 player can access it. Sometimes sectors may be common to some players, some roles or some activities.
  • A Land Plot is also a geographic entity. It is the elementary geographic unit where Activities happen. 1 Land Use Activity occupies 1 Land Plot
  • Players may choose to occupy or not the Land Plots they have access to with Land Use Activities
  • A Role defines a set of possible Activities, as well as objectives and initial resources.
  • A Player is holding 1 Role during a game session. It is possible to have several Players holding the same Role (having access to the same possible activities, several farmers for instance). However each Player is generally given a specific Sector.
  • During the game, Players can invest in Activities defined by their Role, and then once they have acquired to an Activity (once the necessary investment has been made), they can play this Activity on 1 Land Plot they have access to.

<More infos and tutorials will follow - in the meantime you can consult slides in the WAG course section >