Ini-WAG is an abstract and simple application of WAG.
It is played only with abstract activities and events.
Roles, infrastructure and services are not necessary but some example are provided so that the more complex levels of WAG can be introduced from the Ini-WAG basis.

Below are shown picture from our Ini-WAG prototype : some simple abtsract activities with contrasted levels of consumption and production; a player's Land Plot Cards and available activities and events; a general view of the game play

A finalized version of INI-WAG is currently under production.

However an operational version of INI-WAG with its cards, rules and its accompanying evaluation experimental protocol developed by Alyona Rydannykh during her master thesis is available.

It will be soon available to download. In the meantime email us if you need material. We will just need your feedback to share with us and the other members of WAG community. Find some INI-WAG sessions feedback below.

INI-WAG sessions feedbacks

Session for agricultural secondary school pupils - Perpignan, France, April 2011

Patrice Robin is a teacher in agricultural secondary school Federico Garcia Lorca near Perpignan.
attended our introduction to WAG workshop in Montpellier in February 2011. He held INI-WAG sessions with different groups of pupils of his school to introduce and discuss with them sustainable development concepts.
A report is available in French here
A monitoring sheet for players in french is available here

Session for IWEGA master students - Maputo, Mozambique, October 2011

Stefano Farolfi held an INI-WAG session with IWEGA Master Students from the Course Water Economics and Governance.
A report in english is available here