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Key features

  • Represents any water basin with the right compromise between accuracy and playability
  • Flexible and adaptable to the real structure of the basin, and to various resources use including water, land, labour, money
  • Repeatable and transposable to various contexts, countries and players
  • Provides easurable results including flows
  • Scalable in terms of basin size and number of players
  • Easy to set and teach to new games organizers
  • An adaptation time for a new case not longer than few man-days. 
  • Cheap and easy to set in poor countries
  • Not requiring any computer for the game session
  • An average session duration of a half day
  • Possibility to calibrate it with real data or to use gross qualitative figures
  • Interesting, funny, and attractive for many kinds and levels of participants.
  • Can be used to test and compare different policies.
  • Sessions can be self-designed by the players.