The INI-WAG kit is finally produced and available, as well as a tutorial! Please check prices and conditions of use and contact us if you want one !

Le kit INI-WAG est enfin produit et disponible, ainsi qu'un manuel en français. Prenez connaissances de nos tarifs et conditions d'usage et  contactez-nous pour commander le votre!

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WAT-A-GAME (WAG) is an open toolkit and a method based on simple bricks and a supporting software for designing and using participatory simulations (i.e. role playing games) for water management, policy design and education. It can be easily used for your own cases, at different scales and for various water related issues.
WAG can be used in any place, with, and between, all stakeholders, farmers, citizens, experts, administration, policy makers....
It shows explicitely how water flows, how it is polluted, transformed, shared, used... Participants can choose how they take water, use it, give it. They can decide among various actions or strategies for themselves and the community, with consequences on their household economy, their satisfaction, labor, and the surrounding ecosystems.
Meanwhile, new policies can be invented and tested in the group. 

Last WAG actions

  • WAG in AFROMAISON European project WAG is living its first large-scale deployment in 5 case studies in Africa to be used as a simulation platform for testing intergrated natural resources management strategies. This is ...
    Posted 25 Jun 2012, 10:44 by Wanda Aquae Gaudi
  • WAG labelled at the World Water Forum We are proud to announce that WAG has been officially labelled and supported by the World Water Forum, for its next session in Marseille, from march 12 to 17, 2012 ...
    Posted 6 Feb 2012, 07:36 by Nils Ferrand
  • WAG in Korea! WAG has been used twice in Korea for introduction to sustainability issues... cf Sessions records.
    Posted 6 Nov 2011, 06:23 by Nils Ferrand
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Training courses agenda is here !

A micro-WAG kit is now available for discovering Wat-A-Game. 100 copies have been sent to the WAG community with a greeting card.


Crédit : Ambassade de France à Madrid

WAG Sample Cases

Credit : IRSTEA-LISODE InterSAGE project

New and useful in this site

  • CooPlaGe is at the World Water Forum in Daegu
    Posted 11 Apr 2015, 06:10 by Wanda Aquae Gaudi
  • New WAG movie online! Patric Robin was trained last in february 2011 and has fully autonomously developped a pedagogical application of WAG on the Têt river valley case study. He made a very interesting ...
    Posted 26 Apr 2012, 09:51 by Wanda Aquae Gaudi
  • New WAG Flyers and Poster released for World Water Forum ! ENGLISH POSTER ENGLISH FLYERFRENCH FLYER
    Posted 29 Mar 2012, 02:47 by Wanda Aquae Gaudi
  • WAG users commitment issued ! The new commitment document for all WAG users is now available here. Please read it and sign it whenever you want to use WAG for your own needs.You can ...
    Posted 24 Mar 2014, 12:12 by Wanda Aquae Gaudi
  • WAG Flyer (EN) released Dowload it with the link at the bottom of the page
    Posted 3 Mar 2011, 06:30 by geraldine abrami
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