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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

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Placenames in maptile NZ3065

Albert Edward Dock NZ3467 [NBL],
Battle Hill NZ3068 [NBL],
Beanyfield Pit NZ3067 [NBL],
Bede's World Museum NZ3365 [DUR],
Belle Pit NZ3168 [NBL],
Bewick Pit NZ3068 [NBL],
Bigge Pit NZ3068 [NBL],
Billy Mill Windmill NZ3369 [NBL],
C Pit Hebburn NZ3065 [DUR],
Carville Station NZ3066 [NBL],
Chance Pit NZ3468 [NBL],
Chirton NZ3468 [NBL],
Coxlodge Staiths NZ3065 [NBL],
Cramlington Staiths NZ3366 [NBL],
Edward Pit NZ3168 [NBL],
Flatworth Engine NZ3269 [NBL],
Flatworth Pit NZ3268 [NBL],
Hawkey's Lane TP Turnpike NZ3468 [NBL],
Hayhole Point NZ3466 [NBL],
Hebburn Colliery NZ3165 [DUR],
Hopewell Pit NZ3467 [NBL],
Howdon Old Pit NZ3366 [NBL],
Jarrow Colliery NZ3365 [DUR],
Jarrow NZ3265 [DUR],
Jarrow Slake NZ3465 [DUR],
Metro Hadrian Road Station NZ3166 [NBL],
Metro Howdon Station NZ3266 [NBL],
Metro Jarrow Station NZ3265 [DUR],
Metro Meadow Well Station NZ3467 [NBL],
Metro Percy Main Station NZ3367 [NBL],
Metro Wallsend Station NZ3066 [NBL],
Middle Engine Lane NZ3269 [NBL],
Millbank Pit NZ3168 [NBL],
Moor Houses NZ3369 [NBL],
Murton Row Engine NZ3269 [NBL],
North Tyneside Steam Railway Association (NTSRA) NZ3269 [NBL],
Northumberland Dock NZ3366 [NBL],
Old Engine Pit NZ3168 [NBL],
Percy Main Pit NZ3367 [NBL],
Percy Main TP Turnpike NZ3367 [NBL],
Point Pleasant Station NZ3166 [NBL],
Pontop Junction, Hebburn NZ3165 [DUR],
Preston Colliery NZ3468 [NBL],
Rising Sun NZ3068 [NBL],
Scaffold Hill Mill NZ3069 [NBL],
Seaton Burn Staiths NZ3366 [NBL],
Shiremoor House NZ3269 [NBL],
Tyne Tunnel NZ3366 [NBL/DUR],
Wallsend TP Turnpike NZ3066 [NBL],
Waterville TP Turnpike NZ3467 [NBL],
West Chirton Farm NZ3368 [NBL],
West Chirton House NZ3368 [NBL],
Willington Colliery NZ3167 [NBL],
Willington Quay NZ3266 [NBL],
Willington Quay Station NZ3266 [NBL],
Willington Square NZ3168 [NBL],
Willington Stables NZ3167 [NBL],
Willington Staiths NZ3266 [NBL],
Willington Viaduct NZ3166 [NBL],

Chapman Code DUR=County Durham, NBL=Northumberland