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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

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Placenames in maptile NZ2560

Ann Pit, Walker NZ2964 [NBL],
Bill Quay NZ2962 [DUR],
Borough TP Turnpike NZ2562 [DUR],
Bowes Railway Engine Shed NZ2960 [DUR],
Brandling Station, Felling NZ2762 [DUR],
Brandling Station, Gateshead NZ2563 [DUR],
Byker Platform Station NZ2664 [NBL],
Carliol Square Station NZ2564 [NBL],
Carr Hill NZ2661 [DUR],
Claxton Farm NZ2662 [DUR],
Crow Hall NZ2761 [DUR],
Deckham Hall NZ2661 [DUR],
Derwent Crook Colliery NZ2560 [DUR],
Dolly Pit NZ2660 [DUR],
Edge Pit NZ2660 [DUR],
Fanny Pit NZ2660 [DUR],
Felling Colliery NZ2762 [DUR],
Felling Shore NZ2862 [DUR],
Felling TP Turnpike (Pear Tree) NZ2762 [DUR],
Friar's Goose Colliery NZ2763 [DUR],
Gateshead International Stadium NZ2763 [DUR],
Gateshead Station (East and West) NZ2563 [DUR],
Heworth Grange NZ2961 [DUR],
Heworth Shore NZ2862 [DUR],
High Felling NZ2761 [DUR],
High Level Bridge NZ2563 [NBL/DUR],
High Pit NZ2863 [NBL],
Hope Pit NZ2660 [DUR],
Incline House NZ2760 [DUR],
Jane Pit NZ2964 [NBL],
John Pit, Felling NZ2762 [DUR],
Lawson Main Pit, Byker NZ2764 [NBL],
Lingey House NZ2961 [DUR],
Lingey Lane TP Turnpike NZ2961 [DUR],
Low Fell NZ2560 [DUR],
Metro Byker Station NZ2664 [NBL],
Metro Felling Station NZ2762 [DUR],
Metro Gateshead Stadium Station NZ2662 [DUR],
Metro Gateshead Station NZ2563 [DUR],
Metro Heworth Station NZ2861 [DUR],
Metro Manors Station NZ2564 [NBL],
Metro Pelaw Station NZ2962 [DUR],
Millenium Bridge NZ2563 [NBL/DUR],
Old Upper Heworth Colliery NZ2861 [DUR],
Ouseburn Viaduct NZ2664 [NBL],
Park House NZ2662 [DUR],
Pity Me NZ2863 [NBL],
River Tyne NZ2964 [NBL/DUR],
Saltmeadows NZ2663 [DUR],
Saltwell Hall NZ2560 [DUR],
Scrogg House NZ2864 [NBL],
Sheriff Hill NZ2660 [DUR],
Shipcote Colliery NZ2562 [DUR],
Shipcote House NZ2561 [DUR],
Splitcrow Lane NZ2761 [DUR],
St Anthony's Station NZ2863 [NBL],
St Peter's Station NZ2763 [NBL],
Swing Bridge NZ2563 [NBL/DUR],
Tyne Bridge NZ2563 [NBL/DUR],
Tyne Main Colliery NZ2662 [DUR],
Tyne Main Staiths NZ2763 [DUR],
Upper Heworth Colliery NZ2860 [DUR],
Walker Colliery NZ2964 [NBL],
Washington Waggonway House NZ2961 [DUR],
White Hill NZ2760 [DUR],
White House NZ2860 [DUR],
William Pit, Felling NZ2761 [DUR],
Windy Nook NZ2760 [DUR],

Chapman Code DUR=County Durham, NBL=Northumberland