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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
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Placenames in maptile NZ2040

Aerial Cable NZ2140 [DUR],
Aerial Ropeway NZ2344 [DUR],
Aldin Grange NZ2442 [DUR],
Auton House NZ2343 [DUR],
Auton Stile NZ2343 [DUR],
Bear Park NZ2443 [DUR],
Bearpark Colliery NZ2443 [DUR],
Bearpark Lodge NZ2344 [DUR],
Bearpark NZ2343 [DUR],
Bearpark Station NZ2443 [DUR],
Biggins NZ2141 [DUR],
Bleach Green NZ2341 [DUR],
Boyne Colliery NZ2440 [DUR],
Bracken Hill NZ2342 [DUR],
Brandon Pit House Colliery NZ2140 [DUR],
Brandon Village NZ2340 [DUR],
Broad Gate NZ2142 [DUR],
Broom Hall NZ2342 [DUR],
Broom Park NZ2441 [DUR],
Cockhouse Farm NZ2242 [DUR],
East Flass NZ2042 [DUR],
Esh Pit, Langley Park NZ2044 [DUR],
Eshwood Hall NZ2141 [DUR],
Finings NZ2044 [DUR],
Flass Hall NZ2042 [DUR],
Flass Junction NZ2042 [DUR],
Hag House NZ2043 [DUR],
Hare Holme NZ2142 [DUR],
High Finings NZ2044 [DUR],
Hill House NZ2041 [DUR],
Hill Top Colliery NZ2144 [DUR],
Hill Top Farm NZ2144 [DUR],
Hilltop Sinking Pit NZ2144 [DUR],
Hollinside Cottage NZ2244 [DUR],
Hollinside Drifts NZ2244 [DUR],
Langley Hall NZ2440 [DUR],
Langley Park NZ2144 [DUR],
Low Esh NZ2043 [DUR],
Malton Hilltop Colliery NZ2044 [DUR],
New Brancepeth Colliery NZ2242 [DUR],
New Brancepeth NZ2241 [DUR],
Pit House NZ2140 [DUR],
Primrose Side NZ2341 [DUR],
Pringle House NZ2241 [DUR],
Rag Path Drift NZ2042 [DUR],
Red House NZ2243 [DUR],
Scout House NZ2241 [DUR],
Sibyl Pit, Langley Park NZ2044 [DUR],
Sleet Burn Mill NZ2341 [DUR],
Sleetburn Colliery NZ2242 [DUR],
Stob House NZ2240 [DUR],
Stobhouse Pit NZ2340 [DUR],
Stotgate NZ2443 [DUR],
Unthank NZ2341 [DUR],
Ushaw College NZ2143 [DUR],
Ushaw Farm NZ2143 [DUR],
Ushaw Moor Colliery NZ2242 [DUR],
Ushaw Moor Station NZ2242 [DUR],
White House NZ2343 [DUR],

Chapman Code DUR=County Durham