Poetry Corner

Burglar Bill


Burglar Bill is serving time,

He carried out a dreadful crime.

Spying a house that just looked right,

Where folks went out each Thursday night,

He crept along with ease and stealth,

And thought about his future wealth.

A skylight window small he spied,

He picked the lock and slipped inside.

He saw a dog that wagged its tail,

It no way would his plan derail.

In his bag he quickly nicked,

A solid silver candle stick.

Upstairs some jewels, just the thing,

Including an engagement ring.

“Just one more room to go” he cried,

And there lay granny on her side.

A flannel nightie to her chin,

Showed no tiny bit of skin.

Up she jumped and unrestrained,

Screamed “Good God my luck has changed.

Not had a man for many a year,

Come a little closer dear”.

At that dear Bill caught such a fright,

He turned and fled into the night.

But Granny gave a battle cry,

She may be old but still was spry.

Up she jumped and shouted “Hey”

Got to the stairs where doggy lay.

She tripped and quickly spiralled down,

Landing badly on her crown.

Her family were not amused

To find her permanently bemused.

Now Bill’s languishing in jail,

And never likely to get bail.


By Sara Davis




ou wander, whatever the day,
I’m afraid Mobile Mania’s now here to stay.
A nation of zombies with phones to their ears,
Speaking to others while everyone hears.
I don’t want to know who you slept with last night,
Spent a night in the nick? no doubt serves you right.
And if you are driving your’re really a curse,
You’ll end up giving someone a ride in a hearse.
I know you are shopping for bargains galore,
But why phone your partner saying “shall I buy more?”
I have taken a photo that just makes me shout,
It is mobile mania, of that there’s no doubt.
My daughter, her husband and my grandson too,
Are tapping on mobiles, they’ve nought else to do.
Sara Davis

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