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Themed Night 3 July 2017

Come as you were on the last day of School
On Monday 3rd July we held a themed night when members came dressed as they were, or might have been, on their last day of School. Simon was dressed as the Headmaster, Trudy a cook, Joan a "Lollypop Lady", David a School bus driver and other members came as School pupils. Simon ran a boys v girls quiz throughout the night with marks being deducted if anyone shouted out the answer without raising their hand. He also made everyone line up in twos, holding hands, before allowing them to walk down to the Dining Hall for refreshments. David and Janet served everyone with hot dogs and fried onions followed by choc ices. Later Penny and Bob, celebrating their wedding anniversary, went out for a snog in the playground (there are no bike sheds at the School!)
        Simon was the Headmaster                                         Trudy was the Cook                         Joan was the "Lollypop Lady"



       Pat wore ankle socks as she had been made to do at school -
                             even though she was 17!

Julia and Peter rode the train in the playground