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Themed Night 29 February 2016

   "Come as you were when the ship went down"

 To celebrate Leap Year Day we decided to hold a themed night. Members were asked to imagine they were a passenger, or one  of the crew, on a luxury cruise liner when the call went out,  “Abandon  Ship!” 

  Examples were given as to where they may have been: in the ballroom; in a fine dining restaurant; in the pool; making the  beds; cooking or  serving food; gambling in the casino or even captaining the vessel and they were asked to join in the fun by  coming dressed as they would have been on that night. 


Having been in bed, complete with teddy bear, when the call to "Abandon Ship" went out, in a first for them, Simon and Trudy called in pyjamas, nightdress, dressing gowns and slippers. All of their singing calls were  sea or water related: Simon entertained us with a rendition of “Barnacle Bill the Sailor” (very clean version!) while Trudy  closed the evening with “My Heart will go on”, the love theme from the film “Titanic”.

During the refreshment interval, to keep our spirits up, members of the band, “Gill and One Shade of Grey" (Gill and David S) accompanied themselves with ukulele and tambourine as they sang "Achy Breaky Heart" with everyone joining in - Sara even line danced!                                               



Julia and John kindly made the teas and coffees. Despite having to Abandon Ship Julia managed to save a spare dress!

 Most dancers joined in with costumes ranging from crew members to first class passengers. Alan came as an engineer while  Jann was having a shampoo and set in the beauty salon. David and Janet had only just started to undress so came with their  top half in evening clothes and pyjama trousers! Joan had a French maid outfit, complete with garter, and Sue was a children’s  nanny. The ship’s cook (Jacqui) bumped into two passengers (Angela and Cherie-Louise) who had a piece of wreckage to hang  on to. Towards the end of the evening, we found a man dressed as a woman hoping to get into a lifeboat first! This turned out to be John in case the call was not “Women and Chairman first”!
               Maggie and Joe                                              Rosemary and Jeff                                       Jann and Alan
      Angela, Cherie-Louise and Jacqui                           Ann with our Chairman John Bryant                              Eric and Sara

               Sue                                         Ron                                   David H                      Joan           Trudy with Teddy
                                                                                                                                                       ready for bed

 Our Chairman, John Bryant, with another John                Alan and Pat                                                Colin and Ann