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Open Mic Night 2017

Our annual Open Mic Night was held as always on the Monday before Easter, this year on Monday 10th April 2017. Hot Cross Buns were enjoyed by everyone with their tea or coffee during the break and then the students joined the rest of the club for a tip together. 

Throughout the evening Simon was M.C. and introduced the club members who had accepted the invitation to call in the Main Hall, some with patter calls, some with singing calls and two even managing a whole tip. The evening started with Dave Riddick doing a singing call. As his wife, Pam, was not able to be with us, our Treasurer, David H, filmed Dave's performance so that he could show her how well he had done.

 Dave was followed by Rod Callaby who entertained us with a patter call. Rod had his excuse ready because, if he went wrong,  it was because he was wearing new glasses!

 David Strachan closed the first half of the evening with a patter call followed by a singing call of the Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace"*. Last year David had sported a "Rock God" t-shirt complete with wig but this year he fashioned his own balloon cowboy hat and guitar.
*See the bottom of the page for a video of David's performance

  Our only female caller of the evening, Jacqui Nash, took to the stage early in the second half. Her patter call was to "Little John" which she said she had chosen because it was the nickname given to her son when he was a little boy. Jacqui followed this with a singing call to Paul Simon's "Slip Slidin' Away" which had us all joining in the chorus as we danced.


Our final guest caller was our Treasurer, David Hewitt. David enjoys writing his own choreography which some of the dancers found a bit tricky. He had the number one head man visiting each quadrant which he had watched more experienced callers attempting to do at a recent caller training session.

YouTube Video

 After viewing the video on You Tube, one of David Strachan's friends wrote this poem 

 Hey! Who's that dodgy Bopper

 whose hat is such a whopper?

 It's stricken Strachan, who we like,

 he's calling moves there at the mike.


 He plays a great big air guitar

 it's made from balloons, best by far!

 Why do those folks all dosa do?

 They do it 'cos he tells 'em so.


 Some of them think that it’s not fair

 an extra verse from that old square,

 ​One old guy might soon need first aid

 if the Bopper repeats "Promenade!"


 Can they all keep up with his calling pace

 with an extra verse of "Chantilly Lace?

 C'mon you dancers - You know what you like.

 David "Bopper" Strachan's at the mike.