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Bringing in the New Year at Swanwick

Ten club members, Penny, Bob W., Janet F., Bob F., Rosemary, Jeff, Janet H., David H., Sue W. and Sue B., along with Sue's husband, Henry, went to the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire, to join Bishops Eight Square Dance Club in seeing out 2018 and bringing in the New Year, 2019. We arrived during the afternoon of New Year's Eve and after unpacking we were treated to an unscheduled hour's dancing to Simon and Trudy, our callers for the event. On arrival we had been split into teams, yellow, red, green and blue and were soon earning points for our team by answering general knowledge questions in the gaps between tips. After dinner we were dancing again with Rounds being cued by Judi Reed between the Square Dancing. 
During the evening there was a cabaret with various dancers doing a "turn" including a hilarious group of Morris dancers complete with bells, sticks and handkerchiefs. Soon after midnight, having sung "Auld Lang Syne", wished each other a "Happy New Year" we enjoyed a glass of "fizz" and assorted cheeses and biscuits. Having cleared up the debris from the balloons and streamers,we danced our first tip of 2019 and carried on dancing with Simon calling a "hot hash" tip for those still going strong at gone 1.30 a.m.

New Year's Day morning some took part in the (rather muddy) walk around the area while others either did their own thing or took part in a quiz. The afternoon saw us taking part in fun and games earning more points for our teams. Penny and  Sue B were both nominated by their respective teams to be dressed up as mermaids. In the evening there was fancy dress the theme being "Pantomime Characters" in which several of our members took part. Bob W and Penny were Cinderella and Prince Charming complete with a golden slipper, Sue W won a prize as Mother Goose and as part of the 7 Dwarfs David was "Sleepy", Sue B "Doc" and Bob F "Happy". Bob had originally been Doc but as the costume did not allow him to breathe properly he had to swap with Sue!
New Year's Day gave an opportunity for "guest callers" to take part and included our own Penny making her Swanwick debut. As is traditional the event's dancing ended with us all joining together singing "Always be Best of Friends".

             Sue B as a Mermaid                                           Penny as a Mermaid                                          Sue W playing the "shaking the bottle" game
                 Waggoners dancing                                         Trudy Round Dancing solo                                Janet F and Rosemary taking a breather

                 The Fancy Dress parade                                      Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs                                        David as "Sleepy"
                Bob W and Penny                                                              Sue W as "Mother Goose"
         as Prince Charming and Cinderella
                                                                                                Waggoners at Swanwick
                                    Left to right: Simon, Trudy, Sue W, Rosemary, Sue B, Penny, Bob F, Bob W, Janet F, Jeff, Janet H and David