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Bringing in the New Year at Swanwick

Fourteen club members, Penny, Bob W., Janet F., Bob F., Rosemary, Jeff, Janet H., David H., Sue, Jacqui, Cherie, Angela, Pam and David C., along with Angela's Mum, Carol, and Jacqui's friend, Sandy, went to the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire, to join Bishops Eight Square Dance Club in seeing out 2017 and bringing in the New Year, 2018. We arrived after lunch on Saturday and after a delay caused by the previous residents seemingly being unwilling to check out, were soon unpacking followed by an afternoon dancing to Simon and Trudy, our callers for the weekend. On arrival we were split into teams, yellow, red, green and blue and were soon earning points for our team by answering general knowledge questions in the gaps between tips. After dinner we were dancing again with Rounds being cued by Judi Reed between the Square Dancing. 
New Year's Eve morning some took part in the (rather muddy) walk around the area while others either did their own thing or took part in a quiz. The afternoon saw us taking part in fun and games earning more points for our teams. In the evening there was fancy dress the theme being "The Great British Worker" in which several of our members took part. Soon after midnight, having sung "Auld Lang Syne" and wished each other a "Happy New Year" we danced our first tip of 2018.
New Year's Day gave an opportunity for "guest callers" to take part and Jacqui and Cherie wowed the floor with their duet of "When I See an Elephant Fly". As is traditional the weekend's dancing ended with us all joining together singing "Always be Best of Friends".

Waggoners at Swanwick

                                                   Jacqui, Carol, Cherie, Angela, Sandy                       The fancy dress line up

                                                          The fancy dress parade                         Jacqui, Angela, Cherie, Sue, Rosemary and Jeff

                                                                                   Pam and Dave C                                   Sue

                      Simon and Trudy                                   Jacqui and Cherie                                               Judi Reed, Simon and Trudy