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Completion Evening 30 April 2018

Our 2017-2018 Student Class, Allan, Colin and Sylvia, Geraldine, Glenys, Michael and Phil received their "Completion" certificates from the B.A.A.S.D.C. Treasurer, Keith Rowden. They were also presented with club badges, complimentary copies of Let's Square Dance magazine and a welcome letter from the B.A.A.S.D.C. President, Susan Ellis. Waggoners are pleased to welcome them all as full club members. Our thanks go to Trudy, Simon and Andrew who taught the Class on a rota basis.
Sadly, Jennifer from our 2017-2018 Class, was unable to be with us on this occasion and will be presented with her certificate etc. at a later date.

                                            Allan                                             Colin and Sylvia                                         Geraldine

                             Glenys                                       Michael                                           Phil

The 2017-2018 Student Class with Keith Rowden, Trudy and Simon

 Our final 2017-2018 Student, Jennifer, received her "Completion" certificate, badge, welcome letter and complimentary 
 copy of Let's Square Dance from Simon, Trudy and Andrew on the 4th June 2018.