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Charity Presentation to Canine Partners

At our Club Christmas Party in December we raised just under £500 for the Charity, Canine Partners. Canine Partners provide amazing dogs to enable disabled people to regain their confidence and live a more independent life with less reliance on a carer. They also bring companionship, a sense of security and increase social interaction.
On Monday 6th April we were pleased to welcome to the club Shelley and Sarah and their dogs, Kibble and Pebble. Shelley told us a little about the day to day difficulties she faces and how Kibble has transformed her life by helping her in numerous ways. Sarah, a volunteer for Canine Partners, explained that Pebble had been selected to be part of a programme to breed the very special dogs required by the Charity. So far Pebble had had 2 litters of puppies (17 in all) and these were all on their way to becoming "Canine Partners". It is expected that she will have 2 more litters and then will be retired. Pebble demonstrated the very gentle skill required to remove gloves from a person's hand and picking up anything that had dropped on the floor.
After the dogs had demonstrated some of the things they can do, our vice-Chairman, Pat MacDonald, presented Shelley and Sarah with a cheque for £500 and then, after answering questions from the members, we all went to enjoy a cup of tea together.
               Pebble                                            Pebble, Kibble, Shelley and Sarah            Pebble and Sarah demonstrating glove removal

 Shelley, Sarah, Pebble and Pat MacDonald             Pebble, Sarah and Pat MacDonald                                 The presentation cheque

Shelley, Kibble, Pebble and Sarah