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Charity fundraising for Carers in Hertfordshire

As is the custom at Waggoners we used our club Christmas party on Monday 17th December 2018 to raise money for charity. Our charity this year was Carers in Hertfordshire which provides advice, information and support to unpaid carers living in the county - people looking after someone who is elderly, disabled, has a physical or mental illness or who misuses drugs or alcohol.

We were very pleased to raise well over £500 for Carers in Hertfordshire and this was done by Waggoners donating the entrance fees on the evening and our callers, Trudy and Simon, generously donating their calling fees. Further money was raised through:
a raffle, very ably run by Penny and Bob
balloon reindeer hats made and sold by David S 
draw a snowman on a plate while the plate is on top of your head run by Sue W and won by Sue D
bounce balls through a clown's mouth run by Mac and won by Ken
guess the last two digits of a £50 note obtained from the bank by our Treasurer, David, without him seeing the numbers - this was organised by Pat and won by Carole
a "12 Days of Christmas" quiz with 12 questions relating to the first, second, third etc person or object to do things compiled by our Secretary, Janet, and this was won by Cherie, Angela and Carol who shared the prize of a box of Milk Tray chocolates
Along with the games we also danced to Trudy and Simon and enjoyed mince pies (supplied by Sue W) and warm winter berry punch (supplied by our Chairman, John) along with our teas and coffees (made by Cherie and Angela) during the break. 
Some photos taken during the evening can be seen below.

Simon calling in his Santa suit       David S making balloon reindeer                      Members dancing                    Members dancing
                                           while Gill attemps the quiz
       Members dancing                     Members dancing                    Members dancing                          The Clown game

   Members enjoying mince pies and warm winter berry punch         Josaphine,Mick, Rosaleen and Allan                      clearing up