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Charity fundraising for Remap

As is the custom at Waggoners we used our club Christmas party on Monday 18th December 2017 to raise money for charity. Our charity this year was Remap which is a national U.K. charity working through groups of skilled volunteers to help people with disabilities achieve independence and a better quality of life. It does this by designing and making equipment for their individual needs and this helps them carry out daily tasks, or take part in leisure occupations that would otherwise be impossible for them. Everything is given free to the person it helps.

We were very pleased to raise well over £400 for Remap and this was done by the Club donating the entrance fees on the evening and our callers, Trudy, Simon and Andrew, generously donating their calling fees. Further money was raised through:
a raffle, very ably run by Cherie and Angela
balloon reindeer hats made and sold by David S or you could make your own
a Santa Express guess where the train will stop game run by David H
draw a snowman on a plate while the plate is on top of your head run by Sue W
throw small jingle bells into 10 paper cups - one in each of 10, run by Sue W
guess the last two digits of a £50 note obtained from the bank by our Treasurer, David, without him seeing the numbers - this was organised by Pat and Mac and won by Jeff who then very generously donated his winnings back to the charity
a "True or False" quiz on 2018 compiled by our Secretary, Janet, and this was won by Sue C who got 18 out of the 20 questions correct
Along with the games we also danced to Trudy, Simon and Andrew and enjoyed mince pies and warm winter berry punch along with our teas and coffees during the break - thanks especially to Penny, Bob and Sue W for clearing it all up at the end of the evening.
Some photos taken during the evening can be seen below.
                                       Members dancing to Trudy                                           One of David's reindeer balloon hats

Angela throwing jingle bells     Anne throwing jingle bells into cups -                      The Santa Express
into plastic cups                     she was the winner with 8 out of 10

                             Paper plates with the snowman drawings                                Anne W with her reindeer balloon hat
                                                                                                                           and about to draw her snowman

Left to right: Phyllis Titterton, Peter Titterton, Patrick Kimber (Waggoners club member) and John Bryant (Waggoners Chairman)
on stage are Simon and Trudy

On Monday 29th January 2018 we were pleased to present a cheque for £500 to 
Peter Titterton, Secretary, and Phyllis Titterton, Administrator, of
North Herts Remap.